White Balance

Choosing White Balance: Auto or Kelvin

Auto or Kelvin? Choosing Your White Balance Setting - Photography Tutorial by Julie Rivera for iHeartFaces.com

If you have been frustrated with the results of your camera’s Auto White Balance setting, this photography tutorial from Julie Rivera is for you. For the first six years of my digital photography life, I parked my white balance setting in auto and dealt with color casts or odd tones in post processing. I fussed over […]


How to Achieve the Correct White Balance in Lightroom

How To Achieve Correct White Balance in Lightroom | Photo Editing Tips via iHeartFaces.com

We’ve invited our I Heart Faces Creative Team member,  Jean Smith,  to teach us how to achieve the right white balance in Lightroom.   Follow along step-by-step as she demonstrates 3 different ways to get it right. Lightroom is my go-to program for all of my basic editing, including white balance correction, if needed. In this […]


{Before & After} Making Snow Look White in Photoshop

Thumbnail image for {Before & After} Making Snow Look White in Photoshop

In this week’s Before & After photo editing tutorial, Mandy Blake is tackling another tricky winter photo challenge.  Follow along as she demonstrates how to make snow look white in Photoshop. You look outside and see the flakes gently floating down, and the drifts are gathering in the yard.  Your kids are eager to get […]