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6 Steps to Follow Before Starting a Photography Business

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Before I begin anything in this series, it is imperative that you know and understand that business is very difficult for me. I don’t really get it. I struggle through it and hate it in the process. I understand things to do with the business and legal side to the best of my ability and […]


Tutorial: "Taking RAW to the Next Level"

Written by: Rachel Durik In my Fix-It Fridays, I talk a lot about actions. But in my personal editing, actions are only half the story. I do a lot of the editing in RAW. I’ve previously done a tutorial on basic RAW editing. So before you read any further, you might want to go read, […]


Camera Tutorial – Shooting in RAW

Have you ever heard anyone talk about shooting in RAW or JPEG? Or RAW and JPEG? If you don’t shoot in RAW, it’s probably very confusing. Or maybe you know what shooting in RAW is, but just don’t know if it’s worth it or where to start. I was one of those people about a […]


Photography Tutorial – Get to Know Your DSLR Camera

You see lots of amazing pictures on the web. You love taking photos of your kids, but somehow they just don’t turn out as great as the ones on your favorite blog. You decide to take the plunge and buy a fancy new DSLR camera because then, surely, you could take great photos. It arrives, […]


“Discovering Lenses” Tutorial by Rachel

Tutorial written by: Rachel from American Mum Let me start this post again by reminding you that I’m no expert. I’ve learned a bit along the way that can hopefully help you out. And the very fact that Amy Wenzel is judging this week and might even read this post is freaking me out. People […]


Camera Tutorial – How to Use Shutter Speed

Let’s talk speed. Shutter speed. When you take a picture, you generally want it the shutter to stay open just long enough to capture a crisp image. Too long, and the image is blurry. You need the right shutter speed. If you want it to, your smart little camera works all that out for you. […]