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Using Your Location to Create Stunning Photos

Using Your Location to Create Stunning Photos | Photography Tutorial by Jean Smith for

How important is location for an excellent photograph? The answer is VERY. But, before we jump into the ways you can incorporate location into your next amazing image, let’s set the record straight and say that LIGHT always comes before location. Unless you can create your own light, there isn’t much point in shooting at […]


Photography Tips: Taking Amazing Travel Photos

How To Take Amazing Travel Photos | Photography Tips by Laura Nelson for

Who doesn’t love to travel? Traveling is wonderful in so many ways:  experiencing different cultures, delicious foods, amazing sceneries and interesting people. There is nothing like it! My heart flutters just thinking of the Italian countryside, experiencing things I have never seen with my own eyes and being able to capture that to always cherish. […]


5 Photography Books You Should Read

Five Photography Books You Should Read |Featured on

For most of us trying to juggle busy careers and family it is often hard to find the time to read. I have stacks of magazines and books just waiting for me to open them up! It’s this time of year that we look to our summer vacation plans and I get thinking about what […]


How To Take Great Wedding Ring Photos

How To Take Great Wedding Ring Photos | Photography Tips shared by Savor Photography for

One must-have wedding photo that most brides & grooms have on their wish list is a gorgeous shot of their wedding rings. Rachel from Savor Photography (a member of our I Heart Faces Creative Team of photographers) has shared several tips that will help you capture a beautiful wedding ring photo every time! 7 Tips […]


5 Steps To Creating Dramatic Photos

5 Steps To Creating Dramatic Photos | Photography Tutorial by Jean Smith Photography for

It is lovely to view a soft, flatly lit images…they are beautiful, safe, and comforting. At other times though, we want to see some drama in our photography! Jean Smith Photography wrote: If you would like to add some drama to your images, first ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Is the image to […]


Beginner’s Guide to Off-Camera Flash

Beginner's Guide to Off-Camera Flash | Photography Tips by Amandalynn Jones for

We have an amazing team of writers here at I Heart Faces who are always willing to share their camera, photography, and photo editing expertise with our community of photographers! We absolutely loved the “Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash” series of tutorials that Amandalynn Jones Photography shared several years ago. Today, we are pulling this […]