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5 Reasons for Choosing Not to “Go Pro”

5 Reasons for Choosing Not to

If you’re reading this blog post, I am assuming you may have some pretty nice camera gear. Maybe somewhere around $1,500 – 2,000 in your camera body, another thousand or more in lenses, not to mention your camera bag, editing software, external flashes and other accessories. I have all of that, too. But I don’t […]


Simple Tips for Better Smartphone Photos

Simple Tips for Better Smartphone Photos | Photography Tips via

We’re having fun bringing back video tutorials Angie & Amy (co-founders of I Heart Faces) taped several years ago! Today, stop over to visit as they give tips that will help you learn how to take better smartphone photos that you can share with your family and friends. We love these simple tips that will […]


Confessions of an Aperture Priority Mode Photographer

Aperture Priority Mode Photography Tips on

Laura Prichett of Limepop Photography is our guest photography writer today.  She is sharing why she switched from shooting in manual to aperture priority mode.  As you read her tips, perhaps you’ll find that shooting in aperture priority mode would work better for you, too. I am Laura, a professional photographer who primarily shoots families and children […]


Photography Basics: Learning Your Camera Settings

Photography Basics:  Learning Your Camera Settings via

Are you interested in learning how to take better photos but really don’t understand your camera or what all of those different buttons do? Make a date with your camera and learn the basics of how to use your camera properly. Angie and Amy (co-founders of I Heart Faces) take the mystery out of all […]


Using Your Location to Create Stunning Photos

Using Your Location to Create Stunning Photos | Photography Tutorial by Jean Smith for

How important is location for an excellent photograph? The answer is VERY. But, before we jump into the ways you can incorporate location into your next amazing image, let’s set the record straight and say that LIGHT always comes before location. Unless you can create your own light, there isn’t much point in shooting at […]


Photography Tips: Taking Amazing Travel Photos

How To Take Amazing Travel Photos | Photography Tips by Laura Nelson for

Who doesn’t love to travel? Traveling is wonderful in so many ways:  experiencing different cultures, delicious foods, amazing sceneries and interesting people. There is nothing like it! My heart flutters just thinking of the Italian countryside, experiencing things I have never seen with my own eyes and being able to capture that to always cherish. […]