Photography Tips

Imitating Sam Abell Composition

Learn Photography Sam Abell Composition Tips | Shared by Susan Keller Photography via

If you feel like you are in a rut when it comes to creativity, there’s nothing better for climbing out of said rut than experimenting with something new.  Susan Keller is sharing her own photographic experiment in imitating the composition techniques of Sam Abell, whose work she admires.


Balancing Work and Life During Summer Break

How to Run Your Photography Business AND Have Time to be with Your Kids this Summer | Photography Business Tips from Jean Smith Photography via

Like many of us, Jean Smith is a mom AND and photographer.  Today she is sharing some of the tips she’s learned for balancing work and life when the kids are on summer break.


My Essential Photography Gear for On-Location Portraits

My Essential Photography Gear for On-Location Portraits | Jean Smith Photography for

We know that many of you start out in your photography businesses by shooting on-location.  You might wonder what you really need to take and what you can leave at home.  Today Jean Smith Photography is sharing which photography gear she thinks is absolutely essential for her on-location portrait sessions.  We hope you find this […]


Making the Most of Bad Lighting Situations

Learn to Take Great Photos Even in Poor Lighting Situations | Photography Tutorial on I Heart Faces Photography Blog

Sometimes as a photographer you will have to work in less than ideal light. But you can still create great photos! Learn these tips from Rachel Durik from Savor Photography, and you will be ready the next time you are stuck in a bad lighting situation.


Rediscovering Your Passion for Photography through Personal Projects

Rediscovering Your Passion for Photography Through Personal Projects | Inspiration by Dana Suggs via

Do you find that your photography is starting to get stuck in a rut?  Follow along as Dana Suggs, I Heart Faces Creative Team Member, gives some tips on how to rediscover your passion for photography through personal projects.


How to Read a Histogram

How to Read a Histogram |Photography Tips via

If you have ever looked at that little graph on the back of your camera (or at the top of your adjustment panels in Lightroom and Photoshop) and wondered what it was?  Well, this tutorial is for you!  Amandalynn Jones is teaching us today about how to read a histogram.  Understanding the histogram can help you […]