Photography Tips

Understanding the Exposure Triangle

Understanding the Exposure Triangle | Beginner Photography Tutorial by Andrea Riley Photography for

The exposure triangle is one of the first lessons that a new photographer needs to master.  It can seem overwhelming trying to master choosing the ideal aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, but it is worth tackling so that you can be in control of the camera and achieve the results you want.


What is “Normal View” in Photography?

What is “Normal View” in Photography? | Tips from Susan Keller Photography via

What exactly is normal view in photography and how does it affect the kinds of photos you take and the focal length of lens that you should use? We love this visual explanation the our Creative Team Member, Susan Keller Photography, shared several years ago. Follow along as she uses photos to explain all of […]


How to Use ROES Ordering System from Your Print Lab

Tips for Ordering Photo Products with ROES Software by Julie Rivera for

You just finished editing images from the most amazing photography session and you cannot wait to see these digital files become tangible, beautiful photographic products. You head to your preferred printing lab thinking it will be simply a drag and drop affair to get these images printed. But what on earth is this ROES system […]


Composition Tips for Square Format Photography

Square Format Composition Tips | Photography Tutorial by Susan Keller for

Square aspect ratio in photography is not a new thing.  Rollei created the first


5 Ways Shooting in RAW Can Improve Your Photos

5 Ways Shooting in RAW Can Improve Your Photos | Tutorial by Amandalynn Jones Photography for

Perhaps you’re interested in shooting RAW but haven’t quite taken the leap yet. The bigger photo files will take up more space on your memory card (and hard drive) and there’s more work involved to process them. Maybe one time you tried it but were surprised to find your camera produced super bland, flat looking […]


How to Improvise at a Challenging Photo Session Location

How to Improvise at Challenging Photoshoot Locations - Photo Session Tips by Leah O'Connell for

Do you ever encounter challenges while shooting on location at a photography session?  We are delighted to welcome guest writer Leah O’Connell of Firefly Photography.  She will be sharing her tips for quickly and professionally dealing with problems that come up when photographing these types of sessions. When photographing on location, circumstances often require improvisation to […]