Founders of Photo Challenge

Angie & Amy - I Heart Faces

I Heart Faces photo challenges were founded by Angie and Amy, who met through blogging. Yes… they had never actually met in person until AFTER starting I Heart Faces:-)

As moms, their photography journey began by being centered around their children… and the wonderful emotions that their faces convey. In late 2008, they realized there was no website focused on sharing photos of beautiful and unique faces. That’s when the idea for I Heart Faces was born!

Amy & Angie are passionate about teaching and inspiring women to be creative and follow their dreams. You can also find Angie and Amy on My Craft Channel as they hosted their very own show with tips and tricks about photography!

I Heart Faces Photography Show

Both women are completely thrilled by the response to I Heart Faces… and by the incredible friendships that have been formed through the shared love of photography!


Angie Arthur Photography - Co-Founder of I Heart Faces Photography Community

Angie Arthur is a professional photographer from Ohio who has been recognized by Parent Magazine as a top mom blogger for her website Her amazing photography and teachings skills are sought out by many.  Angie has been involved with photography for many years and also has a degree in teaching. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for photography with the I Heart Faces community.

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Amy Locurto

Amy Locurto is a professional graphic designer, stylist and part-time photographer from Dallas, Texas. Along with I Heart Faces, she publishes a leading party and crafting website, Amy has designed creative content for Disney’s, FedEx Kinkos, Reader’s Digest, and will be featured on news stands this fall in Matthew Mead’s Holiday magazine.

Throughout her career, she’s been lucky to have worked with award winning photographers on hundreds of photo shoots. She also specializes in branding for businesses and loves teaching the I Heart Faces community what she has learned throughout her 20 years in the design industry.

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