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We’re thrilled to have so many talented photographers on our I Heart Faces Creative Team helping us provide great photography tutorials, tips and photo inspiration to our I Heart Faces Community!

Learn more about our Creative Team…

Amandalynn Jones

I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Amandalynn Jones Photography - iHeartFaces.comAmandalynn Jones is a Commercial & Portrait Photographer in Middleton WI. Focusing on creating gorgeous images of anything she can get in front of her camera, she enjoys the challenge of diverse work and has provided her skills for weddings, political figures, colleges, bakeries, novelists, actors and beyond.

A self-described “Flash-aholic” Amandalynn is never far from her speedlites, and is always happy for an occasion to break them out to make dynamic image (or sometimes just to show off).

When she doesn’t have a camera in front of her face she’s often shuttling her 10-year-old son to extra-curricular activities and trying to keep a very sneaky puppy off of the couch. This year her goal is to master the one-handed diaper change as she and her husband finally got to welcome their long awaited baby girl to the family, but she’ll settle for just staying sane amidst the happy chaos of sleep deprivation that comes with being a new parent and a business owner.

Website: Amandalynn Jones Photography
Blog: Amandalynn Jones Photography Blog
Facebook: Amandalynn Jones Photography
Instagram: @amandalynnphotog

Adrienne Zwart

Adrienne ZwartAdrienne Zwart Photography, a newborn and portrait photographer serving the Akron/Canton, Ohio area, is a nature-loving mom of three amazing kids and one fluffy cat who thinks she’s a dog.  She thinks newborn babies are just about the most perfect thing on the planet and will never stop feeling amazed by the size of their tiny fingers.

Along with being a talented photographer, Adrienne is an important part of the I Heart Faces team! As the Associate Editor of iHeartFaces.com, she helps manage and brings to life the amazing tutorials and photography articles you read daily.


Website: Adrienne Zwart Photography
Facebook: Adrienne Zwart Photography
Follow her on Pinterest.
Instagram: @adriennezwart

Becky Leatherman

I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Becky Leatherman Photography - iHeartFaces.comBecky Leatherman, a photographer and social worker from Pennsylvania, has been supporting and participating at I Heart Faces since the we first started. Becky has loved watching the I Heart Faces community grow and thrive. Becky has been a social worker in Philadelphia for 13 years. Becky loves meeting and interacting with the many photographers who visit I Heart Faces and has always been our biggest fan!

Becky has been taking pictures of children and families since 2010. Becky enjoys street photography and takes pictures often of the city scenes she observes each day. Being a mom to her 14 year old son is Becky’s favorite thing in the world. Kaishon enjoys having his picture taken less and less as he grows, so she has to be sneaky. Becky’s favorite way to shoot is photojournalistically. She believes real life is beautiful.

Blog: Life With Kaishon
Facebook: The Creativity Project
Instagram: @lifewithkaishon
Google+:Becky Leatherman Photography

Dana Suggs

I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Dana Suggs PhotographyDana Suggs is a family photographer living just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dana has been a member of the I Heart Faces team for many years inspiring thousands of women and making them laugh with her humorous photography tutorials. She began her photography interest like thousands of other women: to take pretty pictures of her kids. But like so many other wives and mothers, didn’t have the time (or energy) to go back to school to learn the craft, which brought her to I Heart Faces: to learn. She is proud to be self-taught through hard work and determination and lots of late night hours pouring over tutorials online. She has more regard for grit and tenacity in honing your craft, than fancy awards, expensive certificates, or sparkly titles. And more than anything, she loves to laugh!

In 2013, her and her husband adopted 3 children out of the foster care system growing her family from 5 to 8! She is very dedicated to the adoption and foster care community and spends countless hours helping families and foster children, volunteering and mentoring. When she is not with her large family at home, she is a faithful church-goer and Jesus follower where again, she volunteers much of her time. Now, instead of pursuing her Photography business, she uses it as a beautiful hobby and a way to help and bless others. She dreams of lots of land to help more children and watch her family grow. She believes it’s better to be nice than just about anything else, and her insides are filled with sparkles and glitter, and that makes her extra special.

Blog: From Chaos to Grace
Website: Portraits by Dana Suggs
Facebook: Dana’s Photography
Instagram: @the_suggs_life

Heather Rodriguez

I Heart Faces Photography | Creative Team Member | Heather Rodriguez PhotographyHeather Rodriquez, owner of Heather Rodriquez Photography, has a laugh and personality as contagious as her commitment toward capturing authentic moments in everyday family life through her photography. In her family and children portraiture business she is a devotee of the use of natural light, as well as familiar surroundings when it comes to getting the right shot.

“My desire is to show you how great those times are in your everyday life,” says Heather. “You don’t have to pull out the matching outfits or even comb your hair for the pictures I take. I want to show you the genuine essence of those wonderful family moments, and give them back to you in a way you will cherish forever.”
With a heart has big as her talent, Heather also serves as Board member and photographer for GiGi’s Playhouse-Syracuse.

Website: Heather Rodriguez Photography
Blog: Heather Rodriguez Photography
Facebook: Heather Rodriguez Photography
Instagram: @heather__rodriguez
Twitter: @HRodriguezPhoto
Google+: Heather Rodriguez Photography

Jean Smith

Jean SmithJean Smith is an on location photographer living in New Hudson, Michigan with her husband and four little boys. Jean’s husband is also a full time photographer and they feel blessed beyond words to do work that they both love. With separate photography businesses, the husband wife team works together on workshops, weddings, and commercial projects. Jean loves all “genres” of people and therefore photographs them all…babies, kids, high school seniors, models, and couples. She likes to consider herself a natural light photographer, but is madly love incorporating off camera flash into her work as well.

Jean considers 2006 to be her official “jump” into photography. In early 2006, she and her husband had the opportunity to move to China for a short while. Travis (the hubby) suggested they get a decent SLR camera, and her love affair was born. Jean says she lived, ate, and breathed photography while she was in China, practicing in every situation available. When they came back to the states, she immediately started portfolio building and officially opened her business in the summer of 2007.

Jean is currently adventuring around the world with her family. To keep up with Jean and her family as they journey, visit her travel blog We Might Be Nomads.

Website: Jean Smith Photography
Blog: Jean Smith Photography Blog
Facebook: Jean Smith Photography
Instagram: @jeansmithphoto

Mandy Blake

I Heart Faces Creative Team of Photographers - Mandy Blake PhotographyMandy Blake is a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer working and living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

After a rewarding decade-long career as a massage therapist and massage therapy college instructor, Mandy wanted to reconnect with her creative side and after pursuing a college diploma in Photography, she launched her photography business in 2011. She loves being able to capture the moments in between, the little moments of love between people that shows their true happiness shining through.

In 2012, Mandy began to take on outsource editing and quickly realized that everything about photo retouching was her JAM. In 2012, Flow for Photographers was born, offering actions, presets and training to help photographers have an efficient and seamless workflow. She tends to geek out about post-processing and has been known to ramble for extended periods about the Curves adjustment.

When she is not behind her camera or computer, she is slow-dancing in the kitchen with her husband of eleven years, laughing at her hilarious prat-falling seven-year-old daughter while simultaneously having an eye-rolling battle with her 10-year-old daughter or throwing a slobber-covered ball for her loyal, old Lab-Hound mix.

Mandy loves spending time at her family’s cottage on beautiful Georgian Bay and photographing everything with her beloved iPhone to post to Instagram. She is a voracious reader of historical fiction, avid documentary watcher and Netflix addict.

Website: Mandy Blake Photography
Blog: Mandy Blake Photography
Website: Flow For Photographers
Instagram: @mandyblake
Facebook: Mandy Blake Photography
Facebook: Flow For Photographers

Rachel Durik

I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Rachel Durik from Savor PhotographyRachel Durik is an international wedding and portrait photographer based in Southwest Florida. Rachel got her first DSLR in February of 2008 and started her business the following November.

Rachel says, “I’ll be honest: the reason I got into photography was so I could have beautiful pictures to post on my personal blog. Most photographers grew up with the love of photography in their blood, they played with their parents cameras, they were always creative with their point and shoots before upgrading to a DSLR. I was none of that. I was a crappy picture taker with my point and shoot. I made learning photography a project for me and insisted that I learn as much about my camera as I possibly could. I hit the books hard, and I still do. So I think maybe creativity is more inherent, but the technical aspects of photography can be learned!” But since then, she has only learned from her mistakes. Now Rachel has a thriving business, Savor Photography!

Besides teaching and working as a photographer, Rachel is a mother to three children.

Website/Blog: Savor Photography
Facebook: Savor Photography
Instagram: @racheldurik
Pinterest: Rachel Durik

Susan Keller

I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Susan Keller PhotographySusan Keller is a lifestyle family photographer based in Orange County, California. She is a woman living amongst dudes (husband of 20+ years, 3 sons, and a big dog) who enjoys good books, good coffee, good music, regular doses of beachy sunset splendor, bike riding (so long as no hills are involved), waterskiing (so long as the air is warm and the water is smooth), and ROADTRIPPING with her dudes (so long as she’s not the driver). Photographing it ALL is her passion. Susan shoots wide and close and loves to wrap a “landscape” (be it home or the great outdoors) artfully around people. She’s intensely keen about documenting a time and place, about observing & capturing minute, intimate details, about telling a story … without necessarily using words. She’s the author of Beautiful Lifestyle, a workbook encompassing her incorporation of the “lifestyle” genre into her personal and professional photographic imagery.

We are happy to have known Susan for a long time and to have her teaching so many people here with a passion for photography! You can follow along her journey on her blog, Short on Words.

Website: Susan Keller Photography
Blog: Short on Words
Facebook: Susan Keller Photography
Instagram: @susankeller_shortonwords

Our biggest thanks to these wonderful women for adding so much to our Photography Community!