4 Steps to Create a Beautiful Matte Black & White Photo

4 Steps to Create a Beautiful Matte Black & White Photo | Photoshop Photo Editing Tips via iHeartFaces.com

A stunning black & white photo is always a beauty to behold, but learning how to edit one effectively involves knowing a few photo editing tips.  This editing tutorial shared by Jackie Jean Photography shows you how to create a gorgeous black & white edit with a matte finish (similar to the look of film) in […]


21 Water Photos to Cool You Down

21 Water Photos to Cool You Down - Featured on I Heart Faces Photography Blog

There are a few things you can do to keep cool when it’s hot outside–like dipping your feet in ice water or sitting under a shady tree. Or taking shelter in an air-conditioned space. Best of all, you could jump in the pool or have a water fight with the garden hose.  Even just looking at photos […]


Choosing White Balance: Auto or Kelvin

Auto or Kelvin? Choosing Your White Balance Setting - Photography Tutorial by Julie Rivera for iHeartFaces.com

If you have been frustrated with the results of your camera’s Auto White Balance setting, this photography tutorial from Julie Rivera is for you. For the first six years of my digital photography life, I parked my white balance setting in auto and dealt with color casts or odd tones in post processing. I fussed over […]


Beautiful Photo of the Week

Black and White Photo of Child Running Through a Sprinkler - I Heart Faces Beautiful Photo of the Week

I Heart Faces wouldn’t be possible without you, so each week we hope to make someone’s day by featuring one of YOUR photos in our “Beautiful Photo of the Week” column. Congrats to Lauren Ali Photography for being chosen as our Beautiful Photo of the Week! –> Be sure to visit Lauren Ali Photography’s website or […]


How to Take Action Photos on the Spinning Tea Cup Ride

How to Capture Action on the Spinning Tea Cup Ride | Photography Tips via iHeartFaces.com

If you are planning to head to the local county fair or a fun amusement park is on your list of activities to wrap up the summer, this tutorial on photographing the spinning tea cups ride is just what you need to read! These tips will help you capture some memorable action shots of your […]


Confessions of an Aperture Priority Mode Photographer

Aperture Priority Mode Photography Tips on iHeartFaces.com

Laura Prichett of Limepop Photography is our guest photography writer today.  She is sharing why she switched from shooting in manual to aperture priority mode.  As you read her tips, perhaps you’ll find that shooting in aperture priority mode would work better for you, too. I am Laura, a professional photographer who primarily shoots families and children […]