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New Here?  Review our Calendar of upcoming Photo Challenge Themes.

We highly recommend reading through the FAQ’s . This will help answer almost any question you could have.


  • Our judged monthly photo challenge opens on the first Tuesday of the month.  You are able to enter your photo by late Saturday (closes in the evening EST).  This can change during some months due to our travel schedule, holidays, etc.
  • If your photo has been entered on our site before for a judged photo challenge, you cannot enter that photo again.
  • You can only enter ONE photo into the judged monthly challenge. We accept only one entry per person so pick your favorite photo to enter! Photo entries must always include a person in them unless we specifically state otherwise.
    • Please be sure to enter the permalink to your blog post, Facebook photo, or Instagram photo…not the link to the home page of your blog. (Learn how to find a permalink here.)

July & August | No Judged Challenge (Vacation Break!)

September Photo Challenge | Hard at Work | Sept. 7-11

Join us for our next judged photo challenge!

  • Begins:  Monday, September 7th
  • Closes:  Friday, September 11th (in the evening EST).

Photo Challenge Theme is:  “Hard at Work” in honor of Labor Day (United States Holiday)

  • Choose your best photo that you haven’t entered into a previous judged challenge and that fits this theme. We love it when entries are creative!
  • There must be a person in your photo somewhere (face does not have to be showing.)
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Can enter using your blog, Flickr, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.  After your photo is posted, you must return to the I Heart Faces website and enter your permalink into the photo challenge post on our home page.  (This post will be activated on Monday, September 7th.)

Winning Photos:  The Top Ten winning photos will be chosen by our guest judge.

How To Be A Guest Photographer Judge:

Over the past 5 years we have truly enjoyed featuring photographers from around the world as our Guest Photographer Judge for each photo challenge. These photographers (like Jasmine Star, Jessica Claire, Brooke Shaden, Keri Meyers, Seth Casteel, Tamara Lackey and SO many others!) all had one thing in common…they truly inspired us in our own photography journey and that made us want to share their story with our community.

More than anything though, the photographers within our community…those that share images on our Facebook Wall, join in our photo challenges, share their studios so others can dream about their own upcoming spaces…those are the photographers that inspire us beyond words. And we want to honor those photographers by inviting them to be future Guest Photographer Judges that we can feature in exclusive interviews here on I Heart Faces! Beginning last year, we began inviting the previous First Place winner from our monthly photo challenge to be featured as our next Guest Photographer Judge…and we are loving it!

If you’d like to be featured as an upcoming judge, please make sure you do these things:
1) Enter a photo into our judged photo challenges each month (each challenge begins on the first Monday of the month right here on our blog.)
2) Fill in your contact information completely when you add your photo to the linky. If you win, we need to be able to contact you immediately. If we don’t hear back from the first place winner, the second place winner will then be invited, etc.

We can’t wait to feature all of you!


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Themes are always subject to change so check back often to see if any other details have been added to this page.