FAQ’s for Photo Challenges

Photo challenges open the first week of each month.   Challenge is announced on the first Monday of the month and is then open for entries from Monday or Tuesday until Saturday (closes in the evening EST). Please be sure to check for your submission several times throughout the week to make sure that it is still there.

  • Did you miss the deadline? Sorry, we can’t add you back in because once we close it… it’s closed for good.
  • Are you having problems with the linky not accepting your entry?  You will need to contact them directly via the “support” link on their site.

Please read these FAQ’s before contacting us…

I’d like to submit a photo to your photo challenge but I’m not sure how to start? Can you explain what I should do to be able to participate? Yes, click on the button How it Works directly above you.

I have a child who would like to enter your photo challenges. How old does a person need to be to participate? Our judged photo challenges are for adults,  (ages 18 and above). Our “just for fun” challenges (with no judge) are open to anyone who would like to participate.

I entered my photo into your challenge, but now I’ve found a better one that I’d like to use! Will you please delete my first entry and let me put my second choice in? Sorry Charlie. Why You Can’t Change Your Entry

I can’t find where to link my photo! How do I enter your contest? Read these Helpful Hints

What in the world is a permalink and how do I find it? Learn more in this Entry Example Tutorial

How do I add your button to my post? Read “Grab A Button” for more information.

Why do you allow the Pros to enter the challenges? Our view on this issue.

Why do you have guidelines that we have to follow for the photo challenge? Read more about the Purposes of our Guidelines

Do Angie & Amy (the co-founders of I Heart Faces) ever comment on the photo submissions? In a perfect world, we would leave comments for everybody! It makes us sad that we can’t. But, to maintain the level of excellence that this website has, we realized that we have to put our time to different uses behind the scenes here at I Heart Faces.

How are the “winners” chosen? Process of choosing the winners.

Yay! My photo was chosen to be in the Top Ten this month!! Do you have a special button that I can display on my blog? Pretty please?! Go to the Grab a Button Page

I enter your challenges every single time and never win.  I am so discouraged! Our view on “winning.”

Can I submit a photo for Fix-It Friday? We’re sorry but we no longer accept submissions for this feature.

I sent you an email, but still have not received a response. Why have you not answered me? We get a TON of email. Unfortunately we can’t reply to everything or we’d turn into email hermits and never see our families again. 99% of the time, the answer to these questions can be found right here on our site. If we don’t reply, it’s because we know you can find it here. If you have a suggestion, click here.

I found one of my photos I entered in your contest on eBay! What do I do? Visit our Resources page for Helpful Links About Copyright Issues.