How I Heart Faces Photo Challenges Work

How the I Heart Faces Photo Challenges Work

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Do you take a gazillion pictures of your kids, clients, and pets? Always have your camera in someone’s face? Maybe your family sees your lens more than you? Hey, you’re in the right place!

The I Heart Faces Photo Challenge is meant to create a sense of community in the blogging world.  Our challenge began well before Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. There were very few photo challenges when we launched our first challenge in January of 2009. We are proud that it’s been going strong for over 6 years now! We have gotten to know so many talented photographers. Along with watching your children grow, we have enjoyed seeing blogs and photography businesses soar!

Here is the low down on how our Monthly Photo Challenge works:

1. Click here to learn about our upcoming photo challenges.

2. Take a photo with a person in it. Yes… you can always use an older photo that fits with that theme, but we encourage everyone to take NEW ones and get better at what you love.

3. Submit your photo by adding a link to your blog post, Flickr photo, Instagram photo, or Facebook photo.

  • If submitting a link from Instagram or Facebook, your profile must be public so that we can see your photo and you must tag the I Heart Faces page or use the hashtag #iHeartFaces.
  • First you must post your photo on your own blog, Flickr, Instagram, or Facebook.  Then you add your permalink (URL) to the Linky in our current photo challenge post here on our blog.  (Scroll down past all of the photos that have been entered and then click on the blue “Add Your Link button.)
  • Not sure what a permalink is?  Read our tutorial here.
  • A sample description to put into your description or post: This is my submission to the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge. Join in the fun! Get more details at 
  • The challenge typically opens on the first Monday of the month and closes on that Friday evening.

4. Have a question? Visit our FAQ page here for more details.    Shhh…here’s a secret. We usually post the challenge really early on Monday morning. Those first to link their photo get major hits. So drink some coffee and be ready!

5. Browse around. Meet other bloggers and photographers through comments and increase your traffic! The more you participate… the more hits to you. Wowza! Keep visiting for great content while biting your nails waiting for the judge’s favorites to be posted the following Wednesday and Angie & Amy Favorites to be posted on the following Thursday (prize winners will be announced in those posts as well.) Even though the challenges were originally made for bloggers, you don’t have to have a blog to participate in our photo challenge, you can submit photos with a Flickr account, and new to 2014, an Instagram and Facebook account! We love Flickr and Instagram, but think it might help to explain the benefits of joining our community photo challenge with a blog.

5 Benefits of doing a blog post with your photo.

1. You are adding a link to your blog on, therefore getting a link back to your website which is great for SEO!

2. Our readers SEE your name and thumbnail photo in our linky and can click to visit your blog. Potential for new readers, more traffic and comments. It’s always nice to get that on your own blog vs another site like Flickr.

3. You get a fun and easy prompt each month for something to blog about. For those of you with professional photography businesses, this is a great way to show your personal work and to connect with others in the industry.

4. You can tell more of a story on your blog about your photo vs. just posting a photo on Flickr. Many photos tell a story on their own, but we also love reading about what inspired you and why you took the photo.  

5. When someone visits your blog, you are able to promote links to social media, your business and more! Can’t wait to show off your winning photo? Then head over to Facebook and post a photo. Twitter about your amazing entry. Follow us on Instagram and tell all your friends you’re gonna win for sure!  We look forward to reviewing each submission. Basically, just have FUN! Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two as well.  🙂

Still confused? Try reading these Helpful Tips. Or go to FAQ’s.

Photo by 1st place winner of the I Heart Faces Logo Challenge, Wenderful.