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Using Your Location to Create Stunning Photos

Using Your Location to Create Stunning Photos | Photography Tutorial by Jean Smith for

How important is location for an excellent photograph? The answer is VERY. But, before we jump into the ways you can incorporate location into your next amazing image, let’s set the record straight and say that LIGHT always comes before location. Unless you can create your own light, there isn’t much point in shooting at […]


How To Photograph Baby’s Cake Smash Session

How To Photograph Baby's Cake Smash Session | Photography Tips from Andrea Riley Photography for

Photographing a baby’s cake smash in celebration of their first birthday is one really effective way for a professional photographer to add value to the sessions that they provide for their clients. There are many simple tips that can help make these Cake Smash Sessions run smoothly and provide cute photos for the parents to remember […]


How To Photograph Women Beautifully by Sue Bryce

How To Photograph Women Beautifully by Sue Bryce | Featured on

As photographers, sometimes we find that our subject is uncomfortable in front of the camera and they focus on any “imperfections” they might perceive that they have…in many cases, women are the most affected by this. It is so important to learn how to photograph every body type so that your client looks their best […]


How to Improvise at a Challenging Photo Session Location

How to Improvise at Challenging Photoshoot Locations - Photo Session Tips by Leah O'Connell for

Do you ever encounter challenges while shooting on location at a photography session?  We are delighted to welcome guest writer Leah O’Connell of Firefly Photography.  She will be sharing her tips for quickly and professionally dealing with problems that come up when photographing these types of sessions. When photographing on location, circumstances often require improvisation to […]


1st Birthday Cake Smash Ideas & Photo Tips

1st Birthday Party Cake Smash Ideas & Photo Tips at

Great tips, tutorials and inspiring photo ideas for a perfect 1st birthday cake smash photography session!


Infusing Fashion into Your Portrait Photography {Educating the Client}

How to Educate and Encourage Your Client for Their Fashion Portrait Session

Well my lovelies, I’m back for the last time this series.  I hope you have enjoyed my last two editions of Infusing Fashion into Your Photography.  I know I have had fun sharing them with you.  If you missed them, you can find both articles here: Infusing Fashion into Your Portrait Photography {Getting Started} Infusing […]