Photography Tips

Tips for Creating Stunning Self Portraits

Tips for Creating Stunning Self Portraits | Photography Tutorial via

We have always advocated the importance of the photographer making sure that they also get in the photos…whether it’s so they can be part of a family photo or because they want to create a stunning artistic portrait. A few years ago we invited Maryanne Gobble to share tips and tricks that she’s picked up […]


Photography Basics: Learning Your Camera Settings

Photography Basics:  Learning Your Camera Settings via

Are you interested in learning how to take better photos but really don’t understand your camera or what all of those different buttons do? Make a date with your camera and learn the basics of how to use your camera properly. Angie and Amy (co-founders of I Heart Faces) take the mystery out of all […]


How To Photograph Light Painting

An Introduction to Light Painting in Photography| Photography Tutorial via

We absolutely love to see light painting used in a beautiful photo! This technique seems so unique and difficult, but it’s actually quite easy to photograph when you know a few simple tips. Kara from Kiwi Photography wrote: The word photography comes from the Greek words for “draw with light,” and light painting takes the […]


Photography Tips: Taking Amazing Travel Photos

How To Take Amazing Travel Photos | Photography Tips by Laura Nelson for

Who doesn’t love to travel? Traveling is wonderful in so many ways:  experiencing different cultures, delicious foods, amazing sceneries and interesting people. There is nothing like it! My heart flutters just thinking of the Italian countryside, experiencing things I have never seen with my own eyes and being able to capture that to always cherish. […]


Using Wide-Angle Lenses in Lifestyle Photography

Using Wide Angle Lenses for Lifestyle Photography | Tutorial by Susan Keller Photography for

I have a very deep respect for lifestyle photography.  And I adore wide angle photography.  Luckily for me, I think these two loves of mine make for a very complementary equation. For definition and clarity purposes, by “wide angle” photography I am specifically talking about a full frame camera utilizing a lens with a focal […]


Photography Tips For Mom: Photographing Baby

Photography Tips For Mom:  Photographing Baby | Tutorial by Keli Hoskins for

As moms, we know how special those first 6 months are with your brand new baby. We also know how important it is for moms to be able to capture photos of all those amazing new-baby moments! Keli Hoskins wrote: That newborn smell in their hair, the wrinkled hand wrapped around my finger, nursing in […]