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What is “Normal View” in Photography?

What is “Normal View” in Photography? | Tips from Susan Keller Photography via

What exactly is normal view in photography and how does it affect the kinds of photos you take and the focal length of lens that you should use? We love this visual explanation the our Creative Team Member, Susan Keller Photography, shared several years ago. Follow along as she uses photos to explain all of […]


How to Use ROES Ordering System from Your Print Lab

Tips for Ordering Photo Products with ROES Software by Julie Rivera for

You just finished editing images from the most amazing photography session and you cannot wait to see these digital files become tangible, beautiful photographic products. You head to your preferred printing lab thinking it will be simply a drag and drop affair to get these images printed. But what on earth is this ROES system […]


Composition Tips for Square Format Photography

Square Format Composition Tips | Photography Tutorial by Susan Keller for

Square aspect ratio in photography is not a new thing.  Rollei created the first


How To Photograph A Heart-Shaped Water Splash

How To Photograph A Heart-Shaped Water Splash by Gavin Hoey featured on

We love seeing creative photos that are made from water splashing and came across this video tutorial that teaches how to make heart shaped water splashes!  What a fun thing to learn before Valentines Day. Watch as Gavin Hoey gives very detailed instructions on how to photograph a heart-shaped water splash (really cool!)  Fantastic photography […]


How to Take Great Panoramic Photos with Your iPhone

How to Take Great Panoramic Photos with Your iPhone by Keli Hoskins for

Since we moved out into a more rural area, I am obsessed with taking panoramic photos of the sky, sunsets and sunrises. After many many MANY tries and fails, I thought I’d share some of my tips on taking panoramic photos with an iPhone. I use the panoramic feature on the already-installed iPhone camera – […]


7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks | Created by COOPH and shared via

We love sharing photography and photo editing tips to help photographers in our community improve their craft! Here is a fun video we found that shares “7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Trick.” It was awesome to pick up a few new tricks like: