Photographing an Indoor Play using Available Light

Photographing an Indoor Play using Available Light | Photography Tips via

I am by no means a play photographer extraordinaire. In fact, in this genre of photography I’m pretty much a momtographer with really nice camera gear who just happens to photograph her children’s school productions. I think I’ve photographed a dozen productions thus far, give or take a couple. Here’s what I can tell you […]


Photographing Beautiful Catchlights in the Eyes

Photographing Beautiful Catchlights in the Eyes | Photography Tutorial via

One of the most often asked questions that an accomplished photographer will hear is “How did you photograph that person’s eyes so beautifully?” It is really quite simple for any photographer to accomplish and we love these tips that were shared for learning how to photograph eyes beautifully in just about any lighting situation you […]


Using Strobe Lighting to Create Gorgeous Portraits

Using Strobe Lighting to Create Gorgeous Portraits | Off-Camera Lighting Tutorial via

Strobe lighting can  be an amazing way to create spectacular effects in your photography! I’m a natural light photographer and love the challenges that go along with it.  Whether I encounter moody clouds, noontime harshness, or sunset glow, I have learned by experience to manipulate the way I shoot in certain weather and lighting conditions […]


How To Photograph Light Painting

An Introduction to Light Painting in Photography| Photography Tutorial via

We absolutely love to see light painting used in a beautiful photo! This technique seems so unique and difficult, but it’s actually quite easy to photograph when you know a few simple tips. Kara from Kiwi Photography wrote: The word photography comes from the Greek words for “draw with light,” and light painting takes the […]


Beginner’s Guide to Off-Camera Flash

Beginner's Guide to Off-Camera Flash | Photography Tips by Amandalynn Jones for

We have an amazing team of writers here at I Heart Faces who are always willing to share their camera, photography, and photo editing expertise with our community of photographers! We absolutely loved the “Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash” series of tutorials that Amandalynn Jones Photography shared several years ago. Today, we are pulling this […]


Finding The Light In Open Shade

Finding The Light In Open Shade | Photography Tip shared by Angie Arthur Photography via

When new photographers first become interested in improving their photos, they often think that putting their subject in full sunlight is the best option.  While photographing in full sunlight can create stunning and dramatic portraits, an option that is often overlooked by the beginner is to use open shade to create photos that are simply […]