How To Photograph Light Painting

An Introduction to Light Painting in Photography| Photography Tutorial via

We absolutely love to see light painting used in a beautiful photo! This technique seems so unique and difficult, but it’s actually quite easy to photograph when you know a few simple tips. Kara from Kiwi Photography wrote: The word photography comes from the Greek words for “draw with light,” and light painting takes the […]


Beginner’s Guide to Off-Camera Flash

Beginner's Guide to Off-Camera Flash | Photography Tips by Amandalynn Jones for

We have an amazing team of writers here at I Heart Faces who are always willing to share their camera, photography, and photo editing expertise with our community of photographers! We absolutely loved the “Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash” series of tutorials that Amandalynn Jones Photography shared several years ago. Today, we are pulling this […]


Finding The Light In Open Shade

Finding The Light In Open Shade | Photography Tip shared by Angie Arthur Photography via

When new photographers first become interested in improving their photos, they often think that putting their subject in full sunlight is the best option.  While photographing in full sunlight can create stunning and dramatic portraits, an option that is often overlooked by the beginner is to use open shade to create photos that are simply […]


Improve Your Photography Through The Use Of Light

Improve Your Photography Through The Use Of Light | Photography Tutorial by Savor Photography featured on

Are you interested in learning more about the importance of light and how it affects your photos? Several years ago, Rachel Durik from Savor Photography wrote an amazing series of lighting tutorials that gave all kind of tips and tricks on how to improve your photos with the use of light. Read through this series […]


Using Natural Light Creatively in Your Photography

Using Natural Light Creatively in Your Photography | Photography Lighting Tips by Jean Smith for

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford It’s hard to get out of our comfort zone. It’s easy to do what we’re used to. But that’s when we get frustrated. Frustrated that our work feels robotic. Frustrated when we see other’s work and feel […]


How to Get Started With Your Speedlight

Getting Started with Speedlights - Flash Photography Tutorial by Amandalynn Jones for

This flash photography tutorial by Amandalynn Jones focuses on quick tips for using your Speedlight (or Speedlite if you’re using Canon) on camera to get great photos. I started out as a natural light photographer like a lot of self-taught pros. Flash was intimidating and very alien to me. The only thing I really knew about it […]