Camera Tips

Using Shutter Priority Mode

What is Shutter Priority Mode? | Photography Tutorial on

So, now you have that great camera with all the bells and whistles, but what are all those buttons and dials? It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, but remember:  we ALL start somewhere.  Breathe.  Read.  Learn.  Practice.  It gets easier. Today, let’s learn about one of those buttons on that dial:  shutter priority […]


Getting Started with Film Photography

Getting Started with Film Photography | Photography Tutorial Series via

Are you itching to go a bit “old school” with your photography and would like to begin using a film camera rather than always using digital? We have the perfect photography tutorial series for you to get started with! Read advice on what type of film camera you should get started with, learn tips for […]


4 Tips for Protecting Your Camera at the Beach

4 Tips for Protecting Your Camera at the Beach | written by Rachel Durik for

The beach is a special place to photograph. No matter how many times I go, I’m always in awe of its beauty. If you’re headed to the beach this summer, you’re probably wondering how safe it is to take your camera, or if it’s even worth it. Whether you’re going to catch a sunset or […]


Photography Basics: Learning Your Camera Settings

Photography Basics:  Learning Your Camera Settings via

Are you interested in learning how to take better photos but really don’t understand your camera or what all of those different buttons do? Make a date with your camera and learn the basics of how to use your camera properly. Angie and Amy (co-founders of I Heart Faces) take the mystery out of all […]


Understanding the Exposure Triangle

Understanding the Exposure Triangle | Beginner Photography Tutorial by Andrea Riley Photography for

The exposure triangle is one of the first lessons that a new photographer needs to master.  It can seem overwhelming trying to master choosing the ideal aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, but it is worth tackling so that you can be in control of the camera and achieve the results you want.


A Visual Guide to Focal Lengths

A Visual Guide to Focal Lengths in Camera Lenses | by Savor Photography for

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what the numbers followed by “mm” refer to when talking about lenses, here is a guide to help you understand. Focal length is an important aspect of choosing and using a lens. Points to remember: Lenses with smaller numbers are wide angle lenses and will fit more in […]