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Using Wide-Angle Lenses in Lifestyle Photography

Using Wide Angle Lenses for Lifestyle Photography | Tutorial by Susan Keller Photography for

I have a very deep respect for lifestyle photography.  And I adore wide angle photography.  Luckily for me, I think these two loves of mine make for a very complementary equation. For definition and clarity purposes, by “wide angle” photography I am specifically talking about a full frame camera utilizing a lens with a focal […]


What is “Normal View” in Photography?

What is “Normal View” in Photography? | Tips from Susan Keller Photography via

What exactly is normal view in photography and how does it affect the kinds of photos you take and the focal length of lens that you should use? We love this visual explanation the our Creative Team Member, Susan Keller Photography, shared several years ago. Follow along as she uses photos to explain all of […]


Composition Tips for Square Format Photography

Square Format Composition Tips | Photography Tutorial by Susan Keller for

Square aspect ratio in photography is not a new thing.  Rollei created the first


Top 10 Winning Photo | Studio IV T Photography

I Heart Faces

We are excited to continue showcasing the Top Ten from this month’s photo challenge as part of our 6th anniversary celebration. As part of the fun, we invited ten of our I Heart Faces Creative Team members to be featured as our special Guest Photographers Judges for our “Best Face of 2014” photo challenge. Each […]


Easy Black and White Conversion Tip in Lightroom

Easy Black and White Conversion in Lightroom - Tutorial by Susan Keller Photography for

Please forgive me if you’ve known this super simple, super effective black and white (B&W) conversion technique since you were in diapers (grin). Somehow I missed this trick until just this year. I think because I’ve always been distinctly unimpressed with the black & white images created by simply desaturating a SOOC photograph, I’ve never considered the […]


Documenting Life … One Second per Day

Documenting Life One Second Per Day: A 365 Video Project by Susan Keller for

This may be surprising to those of you who know me and my passion for documenting real life (and especially my own family’s everyday real life), but … before this year, I have never undertaken a 365 Project. I must admit, it’s with a healthy, humble dose of fear and trembling that I’m undertaking one […]