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Top 10 Winning Photo | Adele Marianne Photography

I Heart Faces

In celebration of our 6th anniversary, we spent the last two weeks showcasing ten gorgeous photos that our featured Guest Photographer Judges chose as their favorites from our “Best Face Photos of 2014″ Photo Challenge. What a fun way to celebrate! We invited ten of our I Heart Faces Creative Team members to be featured […]


A Visual Guide to Focal Lengths

A Visual Guide to Focal Lengths in Camera Lenses | by Savor Photography for iHeartFaces.com

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what the numbers followed by “mm” refer to when talking about lenses, here is a guide to help you understand. Focal length is an important aspect of choosing and using a lens. Points to remember: Lenses with smaller numbers are wide angle lenses and will fit more in […]


4 Ways to Remove Distracting Objects in Photoshop

4 Ways to Remove Distracting Objects in Photoshop via iHeartFaces.com

Sometimes you need to remove something that distracts from the subject in your photo. Ideally this is done in-camera, but you can’t control everything sometimes and Photoshop can help remove those distracting objects. “Before” Photo For instance, take this photo. I need to remove the distracting people in the background. There are four easy ways […]


Should You Be an Associate Photographer? {Pros and Cons}

Pros and Cons of Being an Associate Photographer by Rachel Durik of Savor Photography for iHeartFaces.com

If you want to have a career in photography, you can own your own business or work for someone else. Which is better? As someone who does both, our Creative Team member Rachel Durik is here to share the pros and cons and how she personally made the choice to become an associate photographer. I […]


Beautiful Family Portrait Session in Paris

Beautiful Family Photo Session in Paris by Savor Photography


$500 Photography Workshop Giveaway with Rachel Durik!

Enter to win a FREE seat in Rachel Durik from Savor Photography's photography workshop giveaway!  Hosted by iHeartFaces.com

On October 4th, Rachel Durik from Savor Photography will be bringing her “From Click to Canvas: A Session from Start to Finish” photography workshop to Columbus, Ohio. This workshop will be taught on Friday morning before our Photography Conference for Women begins that evening.  Rachel is a valued member of our I Heart Faces Creative […]