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7 Tips for Photographing Your Uncooperative Teens

7 Tips for Photographing Your Uncooperative Teens | Photography Tutorial by Dana Suggs for iHeartFaces.com

Photographer’s Child Syndrome. As mom photographers, we are very familiar with our offspring’s reluctance to have their photos taken..again.   But if you have teenagers, you know they can take this to a whole new level!  Today, Dana Suggs is sharing some great tips for photographing your uncooperative teens. You would think that having 6 […]


Photographing Beautiful Catchlights in the Eyes

Photographing Beautiful Catchlights in the Eyes | Photography Tutorial via iHeartFaces.com

One of the most often asked questions that an accomplished photographer will hear is “How did you photograph that person’s eyes so beautifully?” It is really quite simple for any photographer to accomplish and we love these tips that were shared for learning how to photograph eyes beautifully in just about any lighting situation you […]


How To Use the Dodge & Burn Tool in Photoshop

How To Use the Dodge & Burn Tool in Photoshop | Photo Editing Tutorial by Dana Suggs for iHeartFaces.com

Everyone desires a visually appealing photo; a photo that viewers enjoy looking at. Today I’m sharing a very simple trick for adding a little more drama and depth to your photo without having to purchase actions or presets (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I love my Florabella and One Willow with the rest […]


The Importance of Extended Family Photos

Tips for Taking Photos of Extended Families by Dana Suggs Photography for iHeartFaces.com

Today, Creative Team member Dana Suggs is sharing why family photo sessions are so important.  We know you will find her tips extremely helpful the next time you photograph an extended family session. My Dad has always been the healthy one, he’s always been the strong, invincible one, hardly ever sick. So when he went […]


Top 10 Winning Photo | Fifth Business Photography

I Heart Faces

As part of our 6th anniversary celebration, we invited ten of our I Heart Faces Creative Team members to be featured as our special Guest Photographers Judges for our “Best Face of 2014” photo challenge. Each Top Ten photo is being showcased in it’s own exclusive post here on I Heart Faces. Last week we […]


How to Find a Great Photography Group

How to Find A Photography Group by Dana Suggs for iHeartFaces.com

In a past article here on I Heart Faces, we’ve learned the importance and benefits of being a part of a photography group, now we need ideas on where to find one or how to start one. This can be the difficult part: putting yourself out there. Some people were missing the day God handed […]


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