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May 7, 2014

in Guest Photographer Judge 2014

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

Each month for our photo challenge, we like to invite a photographer whose work we admire to be our Guest Photography Judge.  This month, we are very excited to feature Keri Meyers  of Keri Meyers Photography and we really enjoyed interviewing her about the journey her photography has been through.  Be sure to enter your “Let’s Hear it for the Girls” photo into our photo challenge by Saturday. Keri will be choosing her Top Ten favorite photos from the challenge which will then be showcased on I Heart Faces next week.  

About Keri Meyers

Let’s see… First, I am the mother of two crazy awesome boys, ages 5 & 6, the wife to an amazing guy and my best friend in the world. Next, I am a photographer, educator & mentor, and entrepreneur. I am a newborn, baby & child photographer and the co-founder of I also have an online shop dedicated to photographers offering Photoshop templates, action and tutorials.

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

My Photography Journey

Photography has always been a hobby of mine as long as I can remember. I loved taking landscape images, but when my first son arrived I fell in love with capturing images of babies and children. I used to teach grade school and took time off when my children were born. While staying home my passion exploded and I found my calling as a newborn and baby photographer. It started out as part time work while I was home with my children, but quickly took off and became a full time job. I was able to combine my love of teaching and newborn photography through my mentoring and have mentored hundreds of photographer all over the world.  In the past two years I teamed up with friend and photographer Jennifer Blakeley to photograph celebrity babies. Together we have photographed Simon Helberg & Jocelyn Towne’s two newborns, Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green’s two newborns, Donald Trump Jr’s newborn and family, Ian Ziering’s newborn and family, and Vince Vaughan’s children. It’s been quite the amazing journey!

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

Fun Q&A with Keri

What was your favorite photography moment from the past year?

I don’t have just one  – this year has been special for me because I have had so many families come back with their second and third newborns. It gives me so much joy to get to know my clients and their growing families and to be able to capture each of their children as newborns and throughout their first year. It’s a huge compliment when clients keep coming back year after year.

What inspires your photography the most?

My children inspire me every day. Their little (or sometimes big) personalities and traits drive me to pick up my camera and make time stand still. They grow so fast and as a photographer I feel compelled to capture as much as I can –  sweet stolen moments of my son and his dog or my boys cuddled up on the couch together watching their favorite cartoon.
In addition to my children, my environment in general inspires me. I could be out shopping and see something that would be an incredible photography prop or driving down the road and spot an amazing shoot location. Inspiration is all around –  you just have to keep your eyes open! ☺

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

Do you have a “most embarrassing” photography moment you can share?

Well, as a newborn photographer I’m sure we all have many in our line of work. One that pops into mind is a recent shoot for a high profile client. I was working with their newborn in their home and the baby peed all over my shirt half way through the session. Being out of my element and not in my usual studio surroundings I did not remember to bring a change of clothes –  a mistake I have not made since! 😉

What is your favorite quote?

Oh dear… another toughie as I have so many thanks to Pinterest. I think my most favorite is “Wherever you are, be all there.”

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

What lens can’t you live without?

My 35mm 1.4 

What is the best photography advice you have ever received?

Never stop learning and pushing yourself to grow as an artist.

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

Who are three photographers who inspire you?

I really love the work of Barb Uil – her children’s imagery is magical, Lisa Holloway – her maternity portraits and use of color is stunning and Meg Borders – her use of light makes you long for summer.

How do you promote your photography and services?

Great question! Well, I worked really hard on SEO and local networking. I started with Zach Prez’s SEO Cookbook to help my website rank higher in my new location. This book is a must read!!! I also sought out other businesses in the area that targeted my same market (young moms with kids and expecting parents), introduced myself and started a conversation about how we might work together to help one another. It also helps to just share what you do – share with your neighbors, your kids’ schoolteachers, whoever! Talk about what you do and have business cards on had just in case. ☺

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

What is your favorite type of session to photograph?

This is a no brainer for me. I love to photograph newborns. I fell in love with photographing newborns years ago and never looked back.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love to spend my free time with my husband and boys getting outdoors, having fun and making memories. We love to take little day trips checkout out new sights and restaurants, or go for a walk, hike or bike ride. On my own time, I love to get a good run in when I can.  I’d like to say I read, but I never can quite find enough time! 😉

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

Where do you see your photography business in five years?

I am very happy with where my photography business is now. I can’t say I’d like to see a whole lot of change. I’d love to take on a new inspirational project to keep that spark alive. I’ve always loved maternity portraits, but never really felt confident with maternity. I’d like to expand and push myself to become more comfortable with photographing maternity portraits. I would also like to add birth photography to my services because I absolutely love birth photography.

Interview with Keri Meyers Photography via

Connect with Keri

Thank you for sharing your time with us here this week Keri!   You can follow Keri on her beautiful  blog.  And we’d especially love it if our community could stop by her Facebook Fan Page to leave a kind comment.  You can also follow her on Google + and Twitter.

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CoolAllure May 11, 2014

She is such an amazing person! I absolutely adored this interview!


Beth May 8, 2014

thanks for the great inspirational tips! So easy to forget about things like SEO and marketing!!


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