Ideas for Turning Photos into Wall Art for Your Home

May 20, 2013

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Turning Photos into Wall Art for Your Home via

In this second installment of her series Getting Your Photos Out of Your Computer, Susan Keller shows the impact your photography can make in your home in the form of wall art.  To read the first part of her series, click here:

All right.  Let’s jump right in.  It’s time to get those photos off your computer and onto your walls where you can appreciate them on a daily basis.  I do need to forewarn you:  I live amongst dudes, lizards, a dog and a toad.  Two of us work from home.  Two of us school at home.  And thus, our home is not a museum; in fact, it’s usually a mess.  And that will be reflected in these images I show you of the photos that live on my walls [embarrassed grin].

Wall Art Exhibit One:

When we first moved down to Southern California ten years ago, I wanted to hang a bunch of photos that reflected our new locale.  I waited for Aaron Bros’ buy-one-get-one-for-1-cent-sale, and loaded up on these 24×20 frames and 20×16 mattes.  For not very much money, I filled these walls with photos that to this day make me smile – especially the one of my teens as very little dudes.

Turning Pictures into Wall Art for Your Home via I Heart

Creating Wall Art from Your Photos via I Heart Faces

Wall Art Exhibit Two: 

I’m a huge proponent of printing BIG.  If you have a big wall, put a BIG photo on it!  (55×55” canvas – as you can see, it filled half my garage!)

Creating Wall Art from Photos via I Heart Faces

Creating Wall Art from Photos via I Heart Faces

Or put three big photos on it!  (3 – 24×36” canvases)

Creating Wall Art from Your Photos via I Heart Faces

Or maybe nine smaller canvases on it (9 – 10×10” canvases) …

Creating Wall Art from Your Photos via I Heart Faces

Or perhaps four 20” square prints (in cheapie IKEA glass frames) …

Creating Wall Art from Your Photos via I Heart Faces

Anywhooo, that’s just my little bit of encouragement to go ahead and print BIG or print many to fill a big space.

Wall Art Exhibit Three: 

Fill a single frame with multiple images.  Oh my, look how little my boys were (excuse me while I go grab a Kleenex and attempt to turn back the hands of the clocks in the house!)  If I remember correctly, I got this frame from Pottery Barn – it’s filled with 6 4x6s, 2 5x7s and 1 8×10.

Creating Wall Art from Your Photos via I Heart Faces

Wall Art Exhibit Four: 

This is a collaged poster I made for my son out of his favorite images from our vacation.  It’s a 20×30 glossy poster print from Costco and cost a whopping $8.99.

Creating Wall Art from Your Photos via I Heart Faces

Pinterest Board:

And lastly, I keep an inspiration board on Pinterest to file away fun ideas for future ways to get my photos out of my computer and onto my walls.  As an added bonus, most of the ideas I pin are in homes that are tidy and beautifully decorated.  A girl can always dream, right?

Creating Wall Art from Your Photos

Susan Keller, I Heart Faces Creative Team

Susan Keller is an Orange County Baby, Child & Family Photographer who loves coffee, good books, big landscapes, her dudes, and using ellipses instead of words. We are looking forward to seeing her again in October when she teaches at our annual Photography Conference for Women.  You can find her on Facebook and blogging at Short on Words.




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Angela Mayfield May 12, 2014

I have a to make a photo collage for my sons 8th grade graduation. I’m stumped cause your so right about pics on phones and computers. I’m horrible at that!!
Any help to getting these hundreds and hundreds of pics orgonized in albums and making collages of my kids. Any help on 8th grade collage.


jennifier September 25, 2013

Nice idea, I will surely try this one. Actually I have a similar concept in my house. I have many photographs of my child from his birthday to till today. He is now 5-year-old. So, I made a series of all those pictures with different photo frames and put them in stairs like you.


Jenn May 30, 2013

The canvases are beautiful, not just the images, but the display.

I’m curious if you used a particular template for the poster. I LOVE that idea so I can display my photography in my office without it costing me a fortune.



skeller June 3, 2013

Jenn –
I made the template myself using fotofusion software. But Costco itself has a collage generator that you could use just as easily.


Tim N. May 29, 2013

Hi Susan; Some great ideas. You don’t mention how you print and mount the larger ones, and how much it costs to have custom printing done (other than the Costco poster). I’d like to do some of these things, though the cost may be a bit prohibitive.


skeller June 3, 2013

Tim –
some of the pricing I don’t remember off the top of my head. I know the Aaron Bros. frame + matte + print came in around $22 ea (for everything; the sale was a good one). The 20″ square flower prints are mounted in cheapie IKEA glass frames ($6ea, that have since been discontinued – boohiss). Canvases are definitely not inexpensive – I usually wait for a sale – these 24×36 flower canvases were around $100 ea + s/h.


gaylene May 20, 2013

ah, I love these ideas! I didn’t know the big costco print would be so cheap.


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