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Bright, vibrant, beautifully colored photography sessions are beautiful to see and including Holi powder in one of your sessions is a great way to mix things up and really capture some fun!

We’re excited to welcome  Marylie Labonne, owner of Marylie Photography and one of our I Heart Faces Community members, who will be sharing her tips for a successful Holi powder portrait session.

Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via

If you know me and my photography, you know that I adore COLOR.

So when my client came to me about an idea she had about doing a Holi powder shoot, I was excited. A little skeptical, because I had never done a portrait session with messy powders, but I was excited to be taking part in something colorful, fun and different.

What is Holi?

Celebrated primarily in India and Nepal, Holi is the Hindu celebration of spring. The festivities involved for this particular holiday are one of the very reasons for its awesomeness. Each spring, Holi celebrators take to the streets for an explosive bout of revelry that involves spraying one another with handful of colored pigments and perfume. Color, color and some more color!

Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via

Tips for a Successful (and Fun!) Holi Powder Session

  • First it is important to pick a location that will ‘allow’ this colorful mess afterwards. Although this powder is washable and a good rain will just wash it away, you don’t want to leave a mess just anywhere.
  • Keep the powder separated in clear plastic bags to make sure you know which color you want to pick.
  • Wear light colored clothing… (white is best) so that the colors really POP!

Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via

  • Have a talk with your client prior to the photo session to explain the rules or throwing the paint, especially if children are involved.
    • Once you start throwing the powder there is no turning back.
    • Be respectful.
    • Make sure you keep your mouth closed.
    • Go for the face only if it’s acceptable with the person you’re about to throw it on.
    • Don’t smear it, but throw it.

Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via

  • Start light with the throwing… then go big 🙂
  • Go for it… don’t be scared and have a FUN!!!

Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via
[Side note: Important to bring wipes, and towels or a change of clothes for the ride home!] 🙂

Colorful Results


Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via

Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via
Holi Powder Photography Sessions Tips via

We hope you enjoyed this colorful session as much as we did! Please feel free to share links to your colorful sessions in the comments section below.

Fort Worth Natural Light Family PhotographerMarylie Labonne is a mother of two beautiful children who are truly the loves of her life.   She began her photography journey 3 years ago, learning quite a bit on her own, and also by majoring in Photography at the University of Texas.  She desires every day to become a better person, mother, and photographer and is thankful for her faith and family.  You can view more of Marylie’s fun and inspiring work on her website or follow her on Facebook.




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Danielle aking April 7, 2015

How much powder did you use for each person in the shoot? Where did you get your powder?


Ankita Greval May 4, 2013

wow.. loved you photos.. these are the most amazing ones.. lovelyyy


Katherine Shah April 30, 2013

What a great portrait idea! As someone married into an Indian family who has lived in India several times, I love seeing the tradition of Holi celebrated and creative use of Holi colors used abroad.

However, I want to warn you and your readers that Holi colors can be VERY dangerous. Standard Holi powders often contain toxins including industrial chemicals, lead, glass powder and asbetos! Take it from me – I’ve fallen very ill after playing Holi in India and it took me months to breath properly without pain.

The good news is you can still play with Holi colors but you have to be very careful to buy safe top-quality colors made with natural dyes. You can also make colors at home. You’ll note that many public Holi events in the US require participants to use safe colors they buy at the event to prevent the use of dangerous powders. Here is a great link I found with more info on the dangers of Holi colors and how to find or make your own safe colors –


Nicole April 16, 2013

I just did a family shoot with colored chalk! It was so fun. I used panty hose to put the colorful powder in so the family could just throw keeping throwing and picking up different colors on the way.


Michele Dan April 16, 2013
Christina Elenbaas April 16, 2013

I was just looking at doing this with some of my seniors, so happy I saw this post. Thanks for the pointers 🙂


Amy Locurto April 16, 2013

Love this idea for a photo session! Thanks for sharing Marylie!


elle Danielle April 16, 2013

One of my favorite engagement sessions included some holi powder fun!


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