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March 8, 2013

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Weekly Photo Editing Challenge | Fix-It Friday via iHeartFaces.com

We just started bringing back our Fix-It Friday photo editing challenge and today we’d like to share more about it for those who haven’t participated before!

What is Fix-It Friday?

Fix-It Friday is a photo editing challenge that we’ve been providing to our community for several years now.  When we first started FIF, we encouraged members in our community to submit photos to be featured (which usually ended up being casual snapshots that had major issues the original photographer didn’t know how to address) and then everyone could show how they “fixed” the image by linking into a linky system on our blog.  Over time (for a variety of reasons) we changed FIF a bit and now only feature photos that we ourselves have taken or that members of our Creative Team give us permission to use on our site.  The challenge itself is now hosted in our free Photography Community rather than here on our blog.

Who Can Participate?

Absolutely any level of photographer is welcome to participate. The challenge itself is geared towards our beginner, non-pro members though and gives them a chance to learn new things about photo editing from those who are more proficient with their editing skills. We appreciate everyone who participates as there are always photographers who are thrilled to pick up editing tips from those who can help them in this way!

Our FIF Philosophy:

Many of the images we use for Fix-It Friday have major technical issues…and then sometimes we throw in an image that is pretty awesome that everyone can just have fun playing with.  🙂  The images with technical issues are ones that the photographers on our Creative Team most likely would never even show one of their clients or they are images that the photographer saved for sentimental reasons (ie. it was the only image they captured of their child during that moment in time.) We appreciate our Creative Team’s willingness to share their less-than-stellar images so that we can all learn more about photo editing together.

We have a lot of different types of photographers in our community.  While some of these photographers are pros, there are many, many others who are NOT professionals and they have absolutely no desire to ever go pro.  A lot of them are parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/sisters/brothers/siblings and they take images of the people they love without being 100% certain of the camera settings they should be using or many other technical issues that can affect the images they are taking.

They are still learning and truthfully, aren’t we all?  In fact, we look back on many of the images we took when our children were small (and we knew next-to-nothing about photography) and those images are out-of-focus, have color or lighting issues, etc. and we would never think “Oh well, I better throw that image out!”  That would never even occur to us because our baby in that image is now 15 years old and we still adore their baby photos no matter how many problems it might have.

The photos that members in our community take are incredibly precious to them as well…and they love learning how they can “fix up” an image enough to print a 4×6 to display on the walls in their own home.  This is the reason why we have chosen to run Fix-It Friday the way that we do.

One great example that was shared with us by Andrea Riley Photography is that of photographer, Vivian Maier (you can read her story here.)  In Vivian’s latest collection that has been discovered, many of the images have blur and other technical issues but no one would even dream of not showcasing her photos anyway…they are amazingly beautiful moments in history that tell incredible stories.  We are not saying that our images even come close to hers, but everyone has taken a “bad” photo at one point in time that still tells a precious story to them.  Those are the photos that we are helping photographers in our community learn to improve a bit so that they can be printed and rightfully displayed in their home.

What we are NOT doing is encouraging photographers to haphazardly shoot images and then fix them up later.  We think that the wealth of photography tips, tutorials and ideas that we have worked so hard to compile and share on our website back that up.  Every photographer does make mistakes with their images though and will want to fix certain images for sentimental reasons.  Fix-It Friday is a way for them to learn how to improve those types of photos.

Overall, it is important to remember that we have all types of photographers in our community.  Professionals, avid amateurs, beginners, and parents who are amazing photographers but have absolutely no desire to go pro.  We host FIF as a way for our community members to have a fun challenge…and we hope that many of you enjoy the challenge!

Interested in participating?  You can download this week’s image & participate in our free Photography Community: Fix-It Friday #166

Photography News

  • There is still one more day to enter our BIG “Framed” Photo Challenge.  Enter your image by Saturday evening (EST)!
  • The I Heart Faces {1 Photo – 31 Days} Challenge is going on right now!  It’s simple to participate, inspiring to see and wicked fun!  Read more details here:  {1 Photo} Challenge
  • Have you heard that we have already announced where our next I Heart Faces Photography Conference will be hosted? We can’t wait to share more details about our conference soon!
  • Mary Nichols Photography is sharing How To Recreate a Blue Sky in Photoshop.
  • Don’t miss our interview with Hilary Camilleri!  This incredible photographer will be one of the amazing teachers at our upcoming Photography Conference for Women and is sharing great business tips in her interview.

We’d love to have you share your images with us on Instagram! Follow along at @iheartfaces and use the hashtag #iHeartFaces so we can find you.

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Holly March 17, 2013

I would also like to know how to submit a photo to fix it friday.


Cheryl list March 8, 2013

I need help submitting a photo – I sent messages yesterday and have not received a reply… Please help! I love your web site!


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