The Light That Shines | A Beautiful Story in Photos by Sue Bryce

February 8, 2013

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Cancer patient tells her inspiring story. Paris photo shoot with Sue Bryce | Photography | I Heart Faces

“This girl is the flame that’s going to light a thousand fires,” Sue Bryce announced as she shared photos from a very special photo shoot in Paris. Sue was speaking about Jill Brzezinski-Conley, breast cancer survivor, to our I Heart Faces Photography Conference attendees last fall.

Cancer patient tells her inspiring story. Paris photo shoot with Sue Bryce | Photography | I Heart Faces

A well-known glamour photographer, Sue was touched by Jill’s story. Though she was scarred from her battle with breast cancer, Jill still radiated the beauty of her joyful spirit. When Sue learned that Jill was now fighting terminal bone cancer and wanted desperately to share her story, she decided to fly Jill to Paris along with a talented team to document this incredibly special photoshoot. Sue and Hailey Bartholomew and their team created a powerful documentary to share Jill’s story.

“The Light that Shines” has had more than 350,000 views, and many women have responded that Jill’s story moved them to schedule the mammograms that they had been putting off. Yesterday, Sue and Jill appeared together on the Today Show to share Jill’s story with the nation.

Cancer patient tells her inspiring story. Paris photo shoot with Sue Bryce | Photography | I Heart Faces

We are so honored to be asked to help share Jill’s story in this way and are so touched by the way Sue’s gift of photography has turned into something so amazingly powerful. More than anything we are also thankful for the reminder as photographers that we should always be looking for the beauty that comes from inside.  Please take a few minutes to view this beautiful documentary.

Video & Blog Post:  “The Light That Shines”

Please note:  Parts of this story do depict Jill’s scarring in a way to help educate women about the importance of breast exams.

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Social Media February 10, 2013

To say wow is nothing to say how nice the story is! It is inspiring & able to touch the heart.
Thanks for shearing.


Ally February 9, 2013

wow, the movement in these photos is something else. I think the underexposure really make the photos interesting and different. So pretty!


Megan February 9, 2013

What a beautiful story. Thank-you for sharing. The photos, the people – you are all so inspiring!


Susan Peoples February 8, 2013

Thanks for sharing. So beautiful and brings such an inspiring message with it! <3


Rebecca February 8, 2013

I am so excited for them all. Jill is amazing and Hailey’s video work is fabulous. Documenting it all captured Jill’s true beauty and Sue’s magic perfectly. I have shared with so many others and happy to see that others are doing the same.


Amy February 8, 2013

I am so happy that this story is getting this fantastic coverage. Sue inspires so many with her work and Jill inspires all women. Stunning video by Hailey!!


Jenn February 8, 2013

Stunning. Inspiring. Classy. Important.

Thank you for sharing!


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