Alphabet Photo Challenge {The Letter R}

February 15, 2013

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Alphabet Photo Challenge {The Letter R}

Our Alphabet Photo Challenge featuring the letter “R” begins today!

  • You can submit a photo featuring ANY subject matter (not limited to faces) as long as it works within the theme of the letter “R”.
  • You can submit as many photos as you like through Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. There are no limits!
  • Check out our Facebook Fan Page throughout the month to see if we feature your image as one of our favorites! The more your image fits the theme, the better chance it will be featured.
  • This is purely fun, a means to share and inspire each other to think creatively. No judge and any type of photo goes!
  • How can we find your photos? You must use our hashtag (#iHeartFaces) or tag I Heart Faces on Facebook.
  • If you enter through our free Photography Community, you must use the tag IHFphotoR.
  • We are open for entries from today through the end of the month.
  • All photographers submitting to the I Heart Faces Photo Challenges, grant the rights to display their photos on 
  • This is a family friendly photo challenge. I Heart Faces is not responsible for crude or rude photos/tweets associated with our hashtag.

“R” Word Inspiration:

Angie Arthur Photography for I Heart Faces

rabbit •  race  •  reflection • rag doll • recipe • room • red • rainbow • roller skate
royal • ruby • racquet •  raven • retrieve • ruddy • relationship • rafter •  ruche
round • rubberstamp • rugged • riddle • rum • random •  rucksack • rapid • repeat
radiate • rebel • rub-a-dub • runway •  rowboat • rueful • rude • raw • running
rehearsal • ragged • Russia • rodeo • reluctant • rules • rough • routine • rugby
relax • Rhode Island • rejuvenate • railroad • Rwanda • rye • rug • rice •  radio
rubbish • rays • Reebok • rainfall • rehabilitate • rock • rusty • release • root
ranch • ruthless • rage •  rowdy • rural • reptile •  robot • runt • raisin • rose
ratio • recycle • rotten • rush •  renewal • religion • reject • rooster • river
remote • rainforest • realistic • regrets • route • rare • read • Romeo • ring


How to submit a photo via Instagram, Twitter or Google+:

Take a photo and upload it to any of these social media networks. Make sure you have our hashtag #iHeartFaces in your description so we can find your photos! A hashtag must have the # symbol in front to work.

Follow us on Twitter and Google+.

How to submit a photo via Facebook:

There are two ways to submit a photo on Facebook:

  1. Visit our Facebook Page, click on “photo” and then upload your “R” themed photo directly to our wall. Or….
  2. Upload your photo to your own Facebook Fan Page wall.  You will need to tag I Heart Faces in your description so that it will still show up on our wall.  If your image doesn’t show up on our wall, you haven’t tagged your photo correctly and we won’t be able to find your entry! Try using the @ sign before typing I Heart Faces in your description to tag us or upload your image directly to our wall.


How to submit a photo via our free IHF Photography Community:

Set up your free profile in our FREE I Heart Faces Community.  Upload your photos there and tag them with IHFphotoR

 Join the I Heart Faces Photography Community.

Be sure to leave a description with your photo that tells us why your image fits the letter “R” theme.

Thank you for inspiring us all with your beautiful photo submissions!

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