Documenting Your Baby’s Growth with Fun Monthly Photos

October 29, 2012

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Fun Ways To Document Baby's First Year in Photos - Featured on I Heart Faces

It’s a comment you will hear over and over again throughout your child’s life:  “Enjoy every minute of it because they grow up so fast!”  And while you are in the midst of all the diaper changes and late-night feedings and piles of laundry, it is so easy to put off capturing that precious baby in photos.  But, before you know it, your baby’s no so little anymore!

We’ve rounded up some great ideas from several mom photographers to inspire you to take a monthly photo of your baby.  Enjoy these month-by-month photo projects!

One thing you will notice from each of these month-by-month photo projects is that something in the photo remains the same in an effort to keep the focus on the baby’s size.  The photographers we are featuring today accomplished this in at least one of three ways.


 Emily from The Imperfect Blog

Emily placed her baby on  large calendar page each month.

Document Baby's Growth with Month-By-Month Photos

Amy Locurto

Ten years ago, well before we all had nice DSLR cameras, Amy from I Heart Faces and Living Locurto placed her son next to a big stuffed bear each month. The bear was just the right size to hold him safely in place. That baby is now almost 10 years old and still has that bear in his room!
Document Baby's Growth with Month-by-Month Photos

Ashley Ann Photography

 We love that Ashley included a collage of outtakes on her blog Under the Sycamore!
 Documenting Baby's Growth in Monthly Photos via I Heart Faces

2. Furniture

Using the same piece of furniture and the same location in each photo gives the viewer a sense of scale, highlighting the changes as baby grows.

Jade from the Letter B Photography

We love the whimsical touch of the chalkboard wall!

Documenting Baby's Growth in Monthly Photos via I Heart Faces

Nicole from Making it Lovely

Nicole from Making it Lovely extended her monthly growth photos into a two-year project for her baby Eleanor.

Documenting Baby's Growth in Monthly Photos via I Heart Faces

 Drew B from Momtog 

Here, Drew used the same chair and background wall, and then added balloons to show her baby’s age in each photo.

Documenting Baby's Growth in Monthly Photos via I Heart Faces

I Heart Faces reader, Pam from, has a blog page where she has been featuring monthly photos of her triplets.  For five years!  She started out with the same piece of furniture but has changed it up over the years.  Sometimes, they still pose on this chair together.

Documenting Your Baby's Growth with Monthly Baby Photos

3. Clothing

If you want a more variety in your background, keep the baby in the same outfit throughout.  White onesies work perfectly as they are readily available in all sizes.

Camille Roskelly from ThimbleBlossoms

Quilter Camille Roskelly placed her baby on a different home-made quilt each month.

Documenting Baby's Growth with Monthly Photos via I Heart Faces


 Young House Love 

This mom and dad blogging team started their photo documentary as a weekly project!  They used colorful bargain fabric as a backdrop, keeping their daughter in a white onesie.   Then they added the milestone label to her onesie in Photoshop.  Check out their cute video tutorial on how to create a colorful series of growth photos.

Documenting Baby's Growth in Monthly Photos

We hope this round-up of baby growth photos encourages you to plan a creative monthly photo project for your own baby.   Of course the most important thing to remember is to take those photos!

 Have you already done a baby growth photo project? Share it on Twitter, and use our hashtag #iHeartFaces so we can see it!

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Linda June 29, 2013

I have been doing photo shoots of my daughter every month and plan on doing them every month until she is at least two years old. I didn’t plan on doing that, but was just shooting photos of her for myself and then posting them onto FB and my website. But my friends and family love seeing them, so I continued. Now, it’s like an obsession. Ha! Ha! I started posting them onto my personal blog if anyone would like to see some of the monthly photo shoots:


Becky April 20, 2013

love all of these ideas! This post is awesome! I need more fabric!!


Judson November 1, 2012

This website, is a good place to post and share monthly photos!


MamaBear October 30, 2012

I have also done the calendar shots every month. It was fun to have them printed for elsa’s first birthday party. My biggest photography project of her first year was to photograph her in the same basket every week wearing a different hat. It was fun to come up with holiday hats- even a cat in the hat one for Dr Seuss’s birthday. By chance Elsa scrunched up in her 52 week photo just like she did in her 1 week photo. It was perfect for a double spread in her baby book I had printed at i haven’t blogged about the calendar or a full basket series post but you can find her baby book at by searching carriep

I’d love to hear more ideas on monthly photos for the second year if anyone has more ideas!


Jen October 29, 2012

Lots of cute ideas. Another option are Belly Banter stickers. You can find them at
I revived them as a gift at my shower and they are so easy and fun.


Declan Mc Glone October 29, 2012

Documenting Your Baby’s Growth with Fun Monthly Photos #photography


jennifer hadfield October 29, 2012

Great ideas for taking monthly pictures of your kiddos at I Heart Faces today :)…


Caroline October 29, 2012

I did a 52wks when Chip was tiny (so last year) and got it made into his ‘baby book’ – I didn’t do the size comparison thing, but instead tried to make sure I captured all his first year firsts and that each month’s image captured the changes from the last. It was a challenge and a treasure! :D. I could probably put together a year 2 from my archives – monthly maybe this time!


Teresa October 29, 2012

I love the calendar photos!


pam October 29, 2012

what can i say? i tend to get a little obsessive about things. 🙂


Amy Locurto October 29, 2012

Awww! I so wish I had seen all of these when my kids were babies!


nest of posies October 29, 2012


58 monthly photos??? wow. that is so amazing!
coming from a mom of twins – i cannot tell you how impressed i am.


nest of posies October 29, 2012

in LOVE with the entire collection! goodness, so many ideas!


pam October 29, 2012

I’ve been doing monthly pictures with my triplets since they were born. They are almost five years old now. So far we’ve done 58 monthly photos!


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