Rainy Day Photo Posing Ideas

April 4, 2012

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Rainy Day Posing Ideas

So, you wake up on the morning of your photo shoot and the weather report is forecasting rain. Does your heart sink? You might wonder if you should reschedule, but sometimes that isn’t an option when it comes to weddings or other scheduled events. Do you have to do all your shots indoors? Absolutely not! Using these creative posing tips for rain, assure your clients that you can create beautiful portraits in spite of the weather.


Little kids love puddles. (Adults secretly want permission to jump in them, too!)  Encourage your client to bring along a pair of rain boots in a bright color or fun pattern and splash away. Take advantage of the reflections for creative composition.

Rachel from Savor Photography

I Heart Faces - Rainy Day Posing Guide

Jennifer from Jellybean Pictures

I Heart Faces - Rainy Day Posing Guide

Justin & Mary

You’ve got to click on the photo and see the rest of this bride’s rainy day wedding photos!

Rainy Day Posing Ideas via I Heart Faces


An umbrella can be a fun prop for a rainy day. Choose a clear one to let as much light through as possible,

Angie Arthur

Rainy Weather Posing Ideas

or choose a bright color or bold pattern for a touch of fun.

Crystal Franks

Rainy Weather Posing Ideas

Take Cover

Use a doorway, window, porch overhang or a gazebo. The cover allows for more directional light to create beautiful portraits and will keep your subjects relatively dry.

Catherine Rhodes

I Heart Faces Rainy Weather Posing Ideas


Window light is a wonderful natural light source, and it will be soft on a rainy day. Take advantage of the interesting texture that the beaded raindrops provide.

Iris Photography

Rainy Weather Posing Ideas

In this photo, the couple was outside while the photographer shot through the window, allowing the streaming rain to add intensity to the  image.

Pedro J Pacheco

Rainy Weather Posing Ideas

Embrace the Rain

If you are fortunate enough to have adventurous clients, you may even be able to encourage them to get wet!

Laurie Peacock

Rainy Weather Posing Ideas

Ashley Warren

You might recognize this photo from our Black & White photo challenge. We love the expression on this boy’s face. Pure enjoyment!

I Heart Faces Rainy Day Posing Ideas
So, the next time you wake up to a rainy day, remember that you can still make beautiful pictures with a little creative posing.

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Dawn April 25, 2012

Rainy Day posing ideas, don't let a few raindrops get in your way http://t.co/SdHS8yBp


Naomi Anselmo April 5, 2012

I love this! Just any encouragement to look on the bright side of a gloomy situation is so welcome 🙂


Candi Jerkins April 4, 2012

It rained here in FL today! Usually I am bummed, because we can’t play at the beach! But today, after reading this post, I immediately took my 3 year old out to play. I captured a sweet image of him with an umbrella (& he is only in a diaper!) Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Alisha April 4, 2012

Great tips and photographs, but I’m worried about my gear. How do I keep it dry?!


Marie April 4, 2012

So inspired by this! That b&w of the boy sitting in the rail makes my heart sing.
Thank you!!!!


Angie April 4, 2012

Love these ideas for images to capture on rainy days! —>RT @iheartfaces: Rainy Day Photo Posing Ideas http://t.co/DAY3EoGF


Sheena April 4, 2012

Love this idea, but I’m a little worried about keeping my camera dry! Any ideas?


Ayca April 4, 2012

Awesome suggestions. I personally love the thought of a photo being taken while running in the rain. There’s something so exhilarating about running during a downpour, and the feeling of freedom is very present at that moment.


Holly April 4, 2012

Love this post! I have so been wanting to get out in the rain lately for some fun photos!


Andrea April 4, 2012

The higher end cameras and lenses have some measure of water protection built into them, but there are also rain covers that can be purchased for a camera. (Some examples: http://www.adorama.com/SearchSite/Default.aspx?searchinfo=rain+camera+cover)


Tracy P. April 4, 2012

This is a great post! I loved the link to the rainy outdoor wedding. I have to admit that I have often thought people are crazy to risk getting married outside, but these people had totally thought it through. Awesome photography and fabulous memories they will have!


cutebun April 4, 2012

I love the ideas but I’m worry about my camera getting in the rain


May April 4, 2012

Great captures! How would you protect the camera from the rain though?


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