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January 22, 2012

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Welcome to our photo challenge!  Our challenges are open for photo submissions on Mon & Tues (until 9:00 pm CST).

  • This week’s theme is “By The Book.”  Read more details about this week’s theme here
  • New to our site?  You will want to read our FAQ’s.  Please note that we do not accept photo submissions from Facebook.
  • If your photo submission has been deleted, it is because you entered your link incorrectly. Please re-submit your entry correctly using a permalink to your post.
  •  To be considered as a winner of this week’s challenge, you can only have ONE photo in your submission.  Please also make sure that you add our button to your blog post.

Photo Credit: Hilary Camilleri from One For The Wall  (Meet Hilary in our Guest Photography Judge interview below.)

“By The Book” Photo Submissions:

If you enter our photo challenge this week, we ask that you leave comments for at least five photo submissions around yours. Our participants love this! :) Please also read the copyright and guideline info in our sidebar before entering.

Guest Photographer Judge Interview

We are thrilled to welcome our friend, Hilary Camilleri from One For The Wall and Along Came Baby, as our Guest Photographer Judge for this week’s photo challenge.  Be sure to check back later this week to see which photos she chooses as her favorites for this week’s theme.

We had the pleasure of meeting Hilary when we spoke at HER Conference last November and fell absolutely in love with her and her photography work.
One For The Wall Photography

About Hilary

My name is Hilary Camilleri and I am the owner of One for the Wall photography and co-owner of Along Came Baby photography. I have had my photography business for three years. After eight years in a very cool corporate sales job I left to be at home with our girls. After four weeks of being at home I registered the name One for the Wall photography. Three years later I have photographed close to 500 families and still absolutely love what I do!

Outside of my photography business we have a very busy household with two spirited little girls and one type A lasapoodle.

I love skinny jeans, ketchup chips, my hunters, happy people and my Nikon gear.

I despise brussel sprouts, that life has to be so short, wrinkles and flying.

I am crazy about people and the love they have for one another in this life.
One For The Wall Photography

Fun Q&A with Hilary

  • What was your favorite photography moment of the year?  My favourite photography moment of 2011 was photographing the talent in the Canadian Country Music Awards gift lounge that were held in Hamilton, Ontario. Meeting and photographing Chantal Kreviazuk and Richard Marx were highlights for me! I love taking assignments that take me out of what I would normally photograph.
  • What inspires you as a photographer?  Every photo I take is inspired by the people that stand in front of me. There was a turning point in my business about a year and a half ago where I surrendered to myself and accepted what I was capable of producing as a photographer. It was liberating. I cannot be anyone else but me and I feel confident that my work is genuine and comes from how I interact with my clients. Each session is unique because it belongs to a new family with a whole different connection to one another.
  • Do you have a “most embarrassing moment” you can share? Easy. Stepping in dog doo and having to smell it the entire shoot.
  • Favorite Quote? “It’s not about the journey but the people you take along for the ride.”  I actually penned this phrase two years ago. When I reflect on my life and all of the people that I have crossed paths with I feel an enormous sense of good fortune. Things haven’t always been easy but I have had good people around me. The people that have been in my life at all different stages and phases (that includes hair, fashion and boyfriends) have made my life what it it is.
  • What is the best photography advice you have ever been given? In my first year of business, I, like many new photographers compared my work to others and as a result felt down. My mentor who had been in the photography industry for over five years simply told me to look to my clients for validation. Are they happy? Are they booking you again? If the answer was yes than that was all I needed to concern myself with. I have never forgotten this. It changed my attitude and made me very client focused. I feel fantastic about what I do and what I am able to produce for people. I adore all of my clients and am happy to say that the majority of my business is the same families year after year.

One For The Wall Photography

Tell us about your “book” themed photo submission and say hello to our Guest Photographer Judge in the comments section below! (Please be aware that the number of your submission most probably will change if any of the other submissions have to be deleted.)


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Mary Mouser January 25, 2012

I take lots of pictures of my two young grandkids being read to, because the grandkids are read to alot — by everyone in the family. I don’t stage them — the book reading is natural because the kids love books. My entry was taken on our last camping trip out in wide open dirty spaces with a creek, friend’s tents and trailers all over the place, and camping stations like the one you’ll see in the picture. We were constantly trying to keep track of the two kids (both almost two years old). In looking about for Sydney, we found her here. Melt me.


Kathryn Grace Photography January 25, 2012

My entry (#368) is my sister wearing her handmade early 1800’s regency dress, reading by the window.
Hilary’s work is gorgeous!


Rhonda January 24, 2012

whoops i think i added my link twice!!! Sorry!!!


Breanna Peterson January 24, 2012

my entry this week is #396, ‘the wild things,’ loved all the entries/theme this week…this image was fitting because its both one of my boys’ favorite books & they are my ‘wild things!’


Laura Ellen D January 24, 2012

My entry, #389 – By the book, is a picture of my girls and myself reading our Jane Goodall books that we just got after seeing her speak last week. I loved that she had a book that is fun to read for each of us and I love that my girls actually do love reading the books and enjoy learning about her. I also think that it was very cool that they were reading something just like mommy :)…


Brooke January 24, 2012

My photo is of my little one who is CRAZY over tractors!! Something tractor is with him 24/7! Even in his sweet dreams!! (PS- I accidentally entered twice. :/ So sorry!)


Jennifer January 24, 2012

#362. | my bookworm

this is a photo of my little bookworm. she loves to read… well, look at the pictures! she’s only 18 months old, but i just love her inquistive, thoughtful expression.

she does her mama proud. :)


Amanda W. January 24, 2012

My entry, #359, “What to Expect” is of my sister-in-law, who is expecting her first baby, GIRL, any day now!!


TammyD January 24, 2012

#339 Amazing photos Hilary! My daughter loves to read, so I really like the challenge this week. She can spend hours reading and rereading her favorite stories.


Ann Marie Hubbard January 24, 2012

#327 “Our Love Is Growing”- I really love that I was able to capture this moment for the expecting couple. It simply makes me smile!
Thanks again for a great challenge.


jessica January 24, 2012

My entry is “Reading Buddies” – I love to just take pics of my boys doing their thing in everyday life as I learn and grow as a photographer :) Thanks for guest judging!


Patrizia Corriero January 24, 2012

“It’s not about the journey but the people you take along for the ride.”Photographic Interview with @oneforthewall


Erica January 24, 2012

185 is the current number my entry is at: books 4 my son! I love love love to read to my kids and I love that I am able to capture that through the camera….I am blessed because they LOVE for me to read to them!


Emma January 24, 2012

I recently got the same advice about comparisons (or if I got the advise previously… it definately only sank in now)… and this year… I’m focusing on being me! if I’m all about capturing authenticity and love… best I show some love by being authentic 😉

Thanks for taking the time to judge this… and giving input back into other photographers like myself…


Lisa January 24, 2012

“Rabbit Dreams” is my entry. I loved walking into see my daughter asleep with Peter Rabbit by her side. It was a moment that I will keep forever engrained…”Yes, I’m raising a lover of books!!!”


Michele January 23, 2012

Nix my # mention. It looks as though it has changed. A moving target based on changes to submissions, I suppose. Now I know!


Kara Jenkins January 23, 2012

I love your photography! Very inspiring! My photo is Wonder, a picture of my baby girl looking over the shoulder of her “big brother” as he reads (215). Thanks for giving such great advice!


Erin Wheeler January 23, 2012

Beautiful, beautiful Hilary! You are amazing!!


Maribel Rivas January 23, 2012

My submission is 226. Baby and Book. He’s 6 months old and im introducing him to books but as many people know babies tend to put everything in their mouths, even books.
Thank you for joining us this week guest Judge Hillary!!


terina January 23, 2012

beautiful work Hillary! I love the theme this week…and I have really enjoyed looking at everyone’s submissions. Reading is one of my passions so it’s great to have books be a prop…my submission is #178 (for now) Miss Harley and I’m so glad to be able to share it!


Angie January 23, 2012

@oneforthewall So excited to feature you over at @iheartfaces. Your work rocks!


Michele Brautnick January 23, 2012

I think books are the perfect prop. Kids are genuinely engaged, leaving room for loose natural results. #192 is a little guy named Elliot. He grabbed a Golden Book and got comfortable in this rocking chair that once belonged to his grandfather. Classics all around.


Marla Stout January 23, 2012

Love books and love my kids reading books. Shared #185 of my oldest daughter reading to her baby sister on the day she was born.


Monica January 23, 2012

Lovely work Hilary!

This theme was perfect – just days ago I took about 100 pictures of my daughter playing with her favourite snowman book! Check out #18 Myas Book :)


Tezzie January 23, 2012

haha! I just clicked over to meet you (Hilary) on your facebook page, and I noticed that you hail from somewhere very close to my ‘home town’ (Elora)!! Seems funny (albeit quite fitting) that even though I’m now living in Finland, I coincidentally managed to submit a photo of my Munchkin reading a booklet advertising a well known tourist attraction not far from your neck of the woods 😉

Hope you have fun going through all of the fabulous entries this week! Take care, eh 😉


Leilani Rogers, Photographer January 23, 2012

Thanks for being our guest judge this week Hilary – so nice to meet you and see your beautiful work! My submission this week (#158?) was from a session a few months ago with some siblings. They are just the cutest bunch and enjoyed our stylized session so much! We had a great time and I love how my photo turned out.


keli hoskins January 23, 2012

beautiful images!!


heather nan January 23, 2012

Beautiful work Hilary and excellent judge selection this week I Heart Faces!


Jen January 23, 2012

Beautiful work Hilary!! Loved this challenge.


Chrissy January 23, 2012

I love this week’s theme! Especially since I happened to photograph my daughter reading last week! (“Rest Time” photo). And I love the advice from Hilary, it’s very timely for me. Thanks!


Mindy Pavone January 23, 2012

And amazing work Hilary!


Mindy Pavone January 23, 2012

Love this weeks challenge! I’m an avid reader myself.

Checkout my entry for this week: #28 Momma to be is reading “What to Expect While Your expecting”.


kelli taylor January 23, 2012

Yay!!! LOVE Hilary and her beautiful work!


Rachel Durik January 23, 2012

Love your work, Hilary!


Cecily Healy January 23, 2012

#83 is good bye star wars (abbrev!).. when my son literally moved on to the world of harry potter! had to capture this moment.. great theme..


Megan January 23, 2012

Oh my gosh, I love this theme. I entered a photo of my husband reading to my book-obsessed baby girl.


Angie January 23, 2012

I think I'm really going to love this week's theme! —>RT @iheartfaces: Photo Challenge | By The Book


Bethany McG January 23, 2012

Beautiful work Hilary!

As an avid reader, I LOVE this theme!!! Check out my 6 year old reading to his sister at # 53 (Big Brother) (something the never fails to warm my readers heart)


Beth January 23, 2012

gorgeous gorgeous work!


Marisa January 23, 2012

I have been meaning to enter your contest for months! Finally got around to it! LOVE this theme.. I am so sorry, but for some reason my computer was wigging out and it posted my image 3 times… :(


angie {the arthur clan} January 23, 2012

I’m really in love with this week’s theme…it’s fun seeing everyone’s interpretations too!

Thanks so much for joining us as the Guest Judge this week Hilary. You are such an inspiration to me!


Jessica Deane January 22, 2012

Beautiful , beautiful work!!!


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