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December 9, 2011

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This week’s photo challenge was a fun way for many of us to think outside the box a little. Obviously, we love faces…but it’s always nice to challenge ourselves to see and photograph something different!

Special thanks to this week’s Guest Photographer Judge, Anna Kuperberg. Her work is amazing and we are so pleased to have her choosing the winners this week!

1st Place: Old Nichols Farm

I chose this one because it tells a story without revealing very much. I also love the low camera angle and the simple colors.

2nd Place: Ashley Sisk

3rd Place: Buckeroo Mama

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

4th Place: Lauren Blair

5th Place: Photography by Chastity

6th Place: Red Handed Photography

7th Place: Mal B Photography

8th Place: Marian Hechler Photography

9th Place: Jessica Deane

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

10th Place: Grethel Van Epps

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

Each week we (Angie & Amy) like to show off some of our favorite entries as well! Here are our picks…

Natasha Barros

Leslie Cook

Bethany Petrik

Thru the Viewfinder
I Heart Faces Photo Challenge
My Version of my Life
I Heart Faces Photo Challenge
Mirrors of Life

Laura Fifield
I Heart Faces Photo Challenge
Photography by Glenda
I Heart Faces Photo Challenge
Beautiful Noise

Musings of a Jenius

If you were in the Top Ten or an “Angie & Amy Pick” you can go to this page to find your special Winners Button to display on your blog! Super-huge congratulations for entering such an amazing photo this week!

A Friendly Reminder: To be able to be considered as a winner for our photo challenges, you must follow these guidelines…

1| Only ONE photo can be in your entry post. If there are other photos in your entry post, your photo will not be passed on to the weekly judge.

2| Our button must be in your post (you can find our buttons on our “Grab a Button” page.)

3| You must enter a permalink to your blog post or Flickr entry (not a link to the home page of your blog.)

Congratulations to ALL of our winners this week! Come back Monday and enter your photo where our theme will be “Furry Faces” and we’ll focus on our beautiful pets. For more information on our upcoming themes go here!

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Lisa December 10, 2011

Thanks Angie and Amy for the pick.
Lisa enters in her balenciaga black gown, gracefully slides up to the podium making sure the tissues are hidden and tucked securely underneath her…er…I was going to say cuff but I am wearing a black gown. Let’s go with yes that’s totally right I am going there underneath her bra strap.
She steps up to the mike and begins her speech, Thank-you to my husband because without you I would not have been able to take this image and had it processed in CS5. Without your hardwork I would not own this camera, I want to say thank-you to my children for the countless hours you allow me to spend documenting your little lives, and I want to thank-you both Angie and Amy for inspiring me to think outside the box.
Pulls kleenex out of,( going there again,) out of bra strap and daps tears away from corner of eyes, heaven forbid that waterproof mascara that really isn’t that waterproof demolish this pretty little made-up face that was made up just to accept this humbling award.
I want to thank God, my mother and father…..oh crap… is starting to play, I am souding muffled now….thank-you, thank-you…..blows kisses.


Ashlee December 9, 2011

So glad to see Ashley Sisk’s photo as #2! It was one of my faves also 🙂


Brittany Thiebeau December 9, 2011

Way to go Jessica!! I love this pic!


Jess December 9, 2011

Oh my! What an honor to be chosen first, especially since Anna Kuperberg is my favorite photographer and there were so many incredible entries. I am so humbled.


Jessica Deane December 9, 2011

Such wonderful entries this week!


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