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October 22, 2011

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I Heart Faces-Tickled Pink First Place Winner

This week’s photo challenge was especially touching to many of us! We truly enjoyed browsing through the amazing pink photos that were entered this week in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. Some photos were filled with simple beauty, others were awe-inspiring…some were fun and still others were poignant. And then there were the touching stories that were shared with the photos and many of those made us cry. Thank you so much for joining this photo challenge and honoring those who have been affected by this terrible disease.

Special thanks to this week’s Guest Photographer Judge, Femi Corazon! She said of this week’s winners and entries: I lost a dear friend at the beginning of this year to breast cancer, so I was totally thrilled that this particular challenge was assigned to me. I was excited to see so many thoughtful, joyful and expressive images submitted. It actually made
making my selections so very difficult to do!

In order to make my decisions, I found myself dealing in “moments” -and the emotion and details in the image… while things like composition and other technical aspects – although considered – became far less important to me than the story being told by the photograph. That said, there were SO many wonderful submissions and it was so hard for me to select favorites and much less arrange them in any type of order! I mean, really …why can’t everybody just be first place?!

Congratulations to all the winners! To all the entrants, you are ALL amazing in my book! Keep up the good work!

1st Place: Studio Cee Photography

There is a very delicate, sweet and soft quality to this portrait. It has a very painterly feel. I love the wisps of hair blowing around her face, her lovely expression and her body language expressed through her hands. This beautiful image makes me feel like I know this little girl. A perfect capture and beautiful post-processing.

2nd Place: Kristen Garten

A newborn smiling, with eyes open AND focused on camera? Baby photographers know how difficult it is to capture a moment like this! I love the light in her eyes and her satisfied, happy expression. Lovely work!

3rd Place: The Long Road to China

I saw this photograph and my heart opened up and I wanted to be there in that orchard to play and gather apples! I love the way she is captured mid-stride, pulling the heavy basket up on her little shoulder and her little fingers in her mouth – almost like telling herself she was done with her “work” and it’s time to go relax. A lovely moment of childhood, so simple and yet so full.

4th Place: MomMe Photography

I adore children’s portraits that capture them unaware, yet full of expression… This image is a beautiful example of that. I wanted to know what made her smile so shyly and then cover her mouth – was she watching her parents kiss, or was she telling a story that made her giggle? So sweet! On the technical side, I love the light in her hair and the sparkling catchlights in her eyes.

5th Place: Jennifer Urbin

Magical – the light on the little girl is just right, and the glittering lights hanging overhead, the depth of the scene extending behind her add such mystery and wonder. There is a beautiful cinematic quality to this image. Love the blue skies peeking through, as well.

6th Place: Be Calm Be Strong Be Grateful

What a glorious moment – I love the blue skies, the little dancer’s reflection on the wet sand and her graceful, joyful dance pose. Lovely composition, lovely exposure and most of all, lovely moment!

7th Place: Cassie Johnson

This journalistic image is so exactly what the “Decisive Moment” is all about – the black birds, the relatively monochromatic environment, and then seemingly out of nowhere – this wonderful little girl sweeping across the photograph wearing hot pink and joyfully chasing the birds… awesome capture!

8th Place: CM Fotografia

Ahhh…love balloons! I love the way that the photographer framed this to tell such a fun story – your eye naturally follows the curve of the balloons right to the happy little face of the little girl holding them. Great color and sweet light!

9th Place: Stacey Shippy

What glee! I so enjoy the body language of the little girl in this image – she is so obviously delighted by the bubbles and her ENTIRE body is expressing it. Fantastic work!

10th Place: MBPhotos09

Sometimes feet tell the story… this is another journalistic-style photo that I really enjoy. The positioning of this young dancer’s feet is very expressive and there is just enough of the dancer herself and the crinkles of tutu around her that is available for us see in the background – and these details fill in the “story” very nicely. It has a very nice editorial quality to it, and it makes me want to see more of the series.

Each week we (Angie & Amy) like to show off some of our favorite entries as well! Here are our picks…

Jo Mosely

Heather Photography

mQn Photography

Nicole Cook

My Life’s Stories

Photos with Love

Sojourners Photography

0bjectif Photos

Elisha Snow

Up in the Sycamore

If you were in the Top Ten or an “Angie & Amy Pick” you can go to this page to find your special Winners Button to display on your blog! Super-huge congratulations for entering such an amazing photo this week!

A Friendly Reminder: To be able to be considered as a winner for our photo challenges, you must follow these guidelines…

1| Only ONE photo can be in your entry post. If there are other photos in your entry post, your photo will not be passed on to the weekly judge.

2| Our button must be in your post (you can find our buttons on our “Grab a Button” page.)

3| You must enter a permalink to your blog post or Flickr entry (not a link to the home page of your blog.)

Congratulations to ALL of our winners this week! Come back Monday and enter your photo. Our theme will be “Let Them Be Little” For more information on our upcoming themes go here!

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Maddie October 24, 2011

I love the pink pics!!! Especily the ballerina 1, taken by my amazing Aunt Missy!!! =)


Melisa October 24, 2011

Thank you so much for including my picture! I am honored! This is a very special month to me and I’m glad I was able to honor my grandmother! Thank you for supporting breast cancer awareness month! 🙂


val October 23, 2011

… I guess its a matter of opinion.


Emilie L. October 23, 2011

I congrat the winner, the photo is magic ! Thanks to Angie and Amy their choice.


Lily October 22, 2011

It is such an honor to make this list! I love all the photos!


Cassie Johnson October 22, 2011

I am thrilled to be picked as a winner this week. What a fabulous group of photos!


Marianne With Nor October 22, 2011

Amazing pictures!! I am so happy and proud of being on the list:-)


Edgar Barrera October 22, 2011

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we had a Pink Photo Challenge. Check out the winning #photos:


Amy Locurto October 22, 2011

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we had a Pink Photo Challenge. Check out the winning #photos:


teachinfourth October 22, 2011

These are some wonderful images geared toward a remembrance of an important thing…


Liz October 22, 2011

I love them all, but the first place winner is amazing! Beautiful work!


Jill October 22, 2011

Wow…I absolutely LOVE every single one these photos! I’m a breast cancer survivor and I for one thank you all for honoring breast cancer awareness month!


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