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October 28, 2011

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This week’s photo challenge was simply precious! There just is nothing sweeter than brand new babies and little chubby baby fat rolls…and oh, those bright, inquisitive eyes of toddlers! This week completely melted our hearts.  And we think a few of us may be wishing for a new baby, or at least to photograph one. 😉

Special thanks to this week’s Guest Photographer Judge, Julie Klaasmeyer! We thought she would be perfect for our challenge this week and we encourage everyone to read her interview. She gives some great advice!

1st Place: Alta Marie Photographie

Julie wrote:  This image was my number one choice for so many reasons. I knew right when I saw it and I can not stop looking at it! This is classic kid behavior. In my childrens photography I am all about kids being kids! I love that he feels so great in~ what must be his favorite outfit and I imagine he wears this all of the time! I can also imagine a story that possibly involved some “behavior modification” by the way he is holding his hand in victory and has also won over “SOMEBODY” to give him a big fat sucker. This weeks “Let Them Be Little” reminds me of those images of when I was little that I love to see time and time again. The ones that give me a sense of what I was like as a child, not only how I looked. What a perfect treasure for this family. I want one for my wall too! (the image and the little cutie in it!)

2nd Place: Jackie Jean

These brothers will be talking about moments like this when they are all grown up and gathering around for Holidays and such. The feeling alone makes this image wonderful but many other qualities make it over the top for me! I love the orange crush, the casual emotion and the low low angle that the photographer took with this image. Not many people whould think that kids drinking pop would be perfect for a photograph, instead, they would envision the kids in a setting that was for the “perfect portrait” not what is actually a “perfect indication” of what these kids enjoy. He or she got down on their level and I can really feel a sense of size here. Wish this was my image, i would have a 40×60 right smack on my wall!

3rd Place: Susan Chambers Design

This expression says EVERYTHING! I love the photojournalistic feel of this image. Such a moment full of emotion! Not only do you get a story from the expression on the little girls face but the look on the parents’ faces just complete this image full circle. Mom’s surely on to her but dad has totally had his heart robbed by this little girl. She will treasure this when she has kids of her own someday.

4th Place: Jessica Deane

Pure joy! Certainly a very tough shot to capture in focus! In this image I see such a celebration of what being little is all about, laughing, playing, swinging, joy! I swear I can almost hear her giggle! This is so much more than a photo, it truly is a thousand words. The soft black & white treatment just adds to the perfection and takes me straight into the emotion on her face!

5th Place: Genie Leigh

Such a precious moment from both the little one and her most special childhood friend! A happy child is one who dresses herself, love the boots! I love the pastel colors with this soft treatment, it has a very strong storylike quality. I also love that the photographer left so much room in the frame to show just how “little” she actually is. Someday she will look so tall and grown up, hopefully on this same beautiful porch! Amazing job.

6th Place: The Phipps Family

7th Place: Dancing Horses Photography

8th Place: Marissa D

9th Place: Fairly Candid

10th Place: Kelly West Mars

Each week we (Angie & Amy) like to show off some of our favorite entries as well! Here are our picks…

Nik and the Trip

Lily B

Grethel Van Epps

The Everyday

Bambini Photography

Rachel Durik

Jennifer Leigh

The Cheese Party

And Then She Snapped

Jamie Rubeis

If you were in the Top Ten or an “Angie & Amy Pick” you can go to this page to find your special Winners Button to display on your blog! Super-huge congratulations for entering such an amazing photo this week!

A Friendly Reminder: To be able to be considered as a winner for our photo challenges, you must follow these guidelines…

1| Only ONE photo can be in your entry post. If there are other photos in your entry post, your photo will not be passed on to the weekly judge.

2| Our button must be in your post (you can find our buttons on our “Grab a Button” page.)

3| You must enter a permalink to your blog post or Flickr entry (not a link to the home page of your blog.)

Congratulations to ALL of our winners this week! Next week is our week off from going through photo submissions, so join our FREE community for a fun Halloween theme. For more information on our upcoming themes go here!

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KristeenMarie October 30, 2011

These are all great photos. Congrats everyone 🙂


Jenny October 30, 2011

Such sweet photos! That #1 photo is my favorite!


Amanda Cameron October 29, 2011

I can’t begin to say how EXTREMELY excited I was when I realized my little boy at the piano was in the top ten! Such an honor to be picked out of soooo many great entries!


Mary Mouser October 29, 2011

Is it okay to say I was more than stoked to be picked as a winner this week! Such a surprise in every way with so many wonderful entries. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Julie and to everyone who was so kind to comment this week. Mary of Fairly Candid (Captain America)


Jackie Jean October 28, 2011

There were so many incredible shots this week, thank you so much for choosing my boys for one of them! <3 and be sure I will be printing this series big on my wall too! 🙂


Heather Johnson October 28, 2011

I am very blessed to know Alta, and not only is she a beautiful photographer, but a beautiful person. Congratulations.


Connie October 28, 2011

How did I miss this one? It’s funny I just posted a bunch of images of my little guy a lot like some of these… cute cute kids. My favorite subjects!


Alta October 28, 2011

It was so flattering to have my photograph be chosen by Julie, especially among so many amazing entries! I absolutely love iheartfaces….it keeps me inspired and shooting!!! Thanks so much…this really gives me the confidence to move forward with photography!!


Stina October 28, 2011

Wonderful assignment and great selections! This inspires me to grab my camera and catch my kiddos in action. Which, I think, is the point. Thanks for that. For reminding me throughout this week that it’s the memories, not the perfect photos that I want to capture.


Brianna Verdolino October 28, 2011

I didn’t enter this week, because I couldn’t decide which photo to enter… but congratulations to all the winners! Such perfect, beautiful photographs. Every stinkin’ one of them! =]


mommahen October 28, 2011

Only one photo can be in the post?

I labeled my photo as the one being entered….guess I didn’t follow the rules 🙁


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