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October 17, 2011

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Our photo challenges are open for entries on Mon & Tues (until 9:00 pm CST). To be considered as a winner of this week’s challenge, you can only have ONE photo in your entry. Please make sure that you add our button to your blog post as well so that you’ll be eligible to win!

  • This week’s theme is “Pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness and all those who have been affected by this terrible disease. Read more details here
  • If you are newer to our site, you will want to read our FAQ’s. Please note that we do not accept any entries from Facebook.
  • Please remember that a human face needs to be showing in your photo entry if you’d like to be considered as a winner.
  • If your entry has been deleted, it is because you entered your link incorrectly. Please go ahead and reenter it correctly using a permalink to your post.

Photo Credit: IHF Community Member, Melissa Gysen

“Pink” Photo Entries:

If you enter our photo challenge this week, we ask that you leave comments for at least five entries around yours. Our participants love this! 🙂 Please also read the copyright and guideline info in our sidebar before entering.

Tell us about your “pink” photo entry in the comments section below! (Please be aware that the number of your entry most probably will change if any of the other entries have to be deleted.)


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Noel Pearson October 19, 2011

My entry, CarolineCrib, is of my 13 month old daughter Caroline. She is a very happy baby and wakes up giggly and squealing from her nap. I am so happy to capture this moment of her being tickled pink about life!


MaggieLR October 18, 2011

My entry for this week (currently number 170) I have titled Tickled Pink. We recently lost my sister-in-law to Breast Cancer. Sweet Sarah has been devastated by the loss of her favorite aunt. She is almost ten and this has been hard for her to understand. She wears a necklace with the pink ribbon on it everywhere. My brother presented her with a bouquet of pink carnations to thank her for participating in a recent fundraising. She was tickled pink.


Clarice October 18, 2011

I am the very last entry of this week #359. Someone told me about your challenge this week and I came over here asap…I had 3 minutes to enter. WHEW!! This is a photo of my daughter I took last week. I am borrowing a 135mmL lens and wanted to test it out. It was a foggy day at the beach and it made to be a dreamy session!


Kathryn Grace Photography October 18, 2011

My entry (currently #349) is my friend wearing her adorable pink and black striped 50’s dress that she made… complete with retro makeup, hair, hat, pearls, gloves… the whole deal!


Melissa Michaels October 18, 2011

Photo Challenge from @Iheartfaces


Rosa October 18, 2011

This was taken the weekend after finding out she has Alzheimer’s. Quite a shock to my system as her only child whom she raised by herself, but I am happy to have her living with me and my family.


Erica October 18, 2011

I am number 143 this week, a touch of pink! This is a picture of my beautiful little girl, layla! She is the sunshine of my life! her expression in this picture is classic of her, she smiles a lot and makes you smile in return! This challenge was a very thoughtful one, I have a family memeber who had breast cancer and has survived, and i am so grateful for that!


Kimberly October 18, 2011

I’m probably one of the few entries that features a boy in pink. My 8-year-old loves his pink t-shirt because it has skulls on it. 🙂

~ Kimberly V.


Amy Locurto October 18, 2011

Help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. RT @iheartfaces: Photo Challenge | Tickled Pink


Marla Stout October 18, 2011

I didn’t think I’d have anything for this week and really I still don’t cause I know there are going to be so many better pink shots with inspirational stories. But, I’m here at #282 and two more times cause Safari wasn’t showing my entry for some reason, sorry. But, I’m a “Lucky Girl” indeed and can’t wait to see all the other entries.


Vicki October 18, 2011

I thought for sure I’d have to bow out of the challenge this week, being I’m the only girl in my home & pink isn’t exactly a fave color of mine. But I saw a cutie pie cowgirl at our field trip yesterday to a farm and snapped a shot of her feeding a baby goat. The pink cowboy hat she was wearing sold me. 🙂


Tania October 18, 2011

Image #281 … a moment between mother and daughter. This was one of only a handful of images that were taken at a distance … I think it makes the intimacy of the moment more clear …

thanks for stopping by, if you do :-).


Free Wilma October 18, 2011

My photo was actually taken this past weekend and is entitled “Tiny Pink Nose”. The ballerina was performing in an Alice in Wonderland theme dance and was in warm-ups when I got this photo. It was a competition being held at Kings Dominion in Virginia in an outside amphitheater. It was such a wonderful opportunity to get dance photos with outdoor lighting! The ballerina is as beautiful inside as out!


Ginger October 18, 2011

I am number 275 this week. My photo was taken this summer at the Azalea Festival Parade. It is a photo of a clown, all decked out in pink, with a pink poodle perched on his pink car. I thought he was outrageously festive. I have been holding onto this photo, just waiting for the opportunity to post it!


Jen October 18, 2011

#261 – My daughter was loving the cotton candy at the fair!


Amber Veuleman October 18, 2011

I am currently #177 and #254. I did not mean to enter twice, but it didn’t show up right away the first time. Can you please remove one of the entries for me? Thank you!!


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