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September 18, 2011

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Welcome to our photo contest!  Our challenges are open for entries on Mon & Tues (until 9:00 pm CST). To be considered as a winner of this week’s challenge, you can only have ONE photo in your entry. Please make sure that you add our button to your blog post as well so that you’ll be eligible to win!

  • This week’s theme is “A Touch of Sun.” Read more details here
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Photo Credit: IHF Community Member, Karen Edwards

“A Touch of Sun” Photo Entries:

If you enter our photo challenge this week, we ask that you leave comments for at least five entries around yours. Our participants love this! :) Please also read the copyright and guideline info in our sidebar before entering.

Tell us about your “touch of sun” photo entry in the comments section below! (Please be aware that the number of your entry most probably will change if any of the other entries have to be deleted.)


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Grace Herrera December 10, 2011

ha ha! My picture this week is of my beautiful daughter. Piano -This was the first time I captured some sun spots, I was quite proud of myself!! #558.


daniela Gabay September 22, 2011

Oh no… Cant believe i missed this. I took the perfect picture for it, i just didnt have time to edit it til this morning. Bummer!!! :(. Good luck everyone!


jenny sanchez photography September 21, 2011

#558. Its one of my girlfriends daughter and we went out to go shoot cause we were bored the evening and i loved how she was having fun and posing like america’s next top model and LOVED how the sun was hitting the back of her hair and made her shine all over ..


Alicia Stanley September 20, 2011

Our photo is from a recent wedding we shot at Ports O’ Call in San Pedro, CA. This shot was taken in between the wedding and the reception, and the light was just amazing. We only had a few minutes to get some portrait work done, and the timing worked out perfectly with the sun. We love the way that the light looks so magical in this photo.


Ginger September 20, 2011

The evening we took this picture was just about the hottest day of the year we had so far in July. Jayme and Eric were both so hot but so patient as I moved around trying to get the sun just where I wanted it. Poor Jayme had also just been stung by a wasp minutes before this image was made. This is one of my favorite maternity shots so far! By the way, Jayme should be having her baby any day now! Thanks for looking, Ginger


Lacie September 20, 2011

My “touch of sun” photo is from a 2 year old session that I had recently. The sun was amazing that day and she was just precious!


Ashleigh September 20, 2011

# 695. Piano -This was the first time I captured some sun spots, I was quite proud of myself!! :) Not to mention all the fun baby girl had while messing around with the normally off limits piano at grandmas house while I snapped away. ha ha!


April W September 20, 2011

My picture this week is of my beautiful daughter. We were visiting a waterfall and the light was just gorgeous!


Dianna Levy September 20, 2011

#676 I took this picture of my 8 month old when I first got into photography. I caught a lot of hearts that year!! :)) I love the little perfect heart on her cheek 😉 LUCKY shot for sure, but it means a lot to me!!


Jessica Dromgoole September 20, 2011

I am entry #647. This shot was taken in Seattle on the roof of a hotel. Beautiful location, beautiful sunset, beautiful couple. I was shooting this wedding with my sister in law, Jeanpro photography. Good Times :)


Kris Myers September 20, 2011

This is my very first entry into your contests. I have really been enjoying this journey into the photography world. I am a new/old photographer, who dabbles just for the fun of it.

#667 – This photo is from a shoot that a girlfriend and I did together. The photo is of me and my husband for our renewal of our wedding vows. It is our 10yr anniversary this year, and we wanted to do a shoot to commemorate it. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I do my memories of this special day.



Rachael L September 20, 2011

“Daddy’s Girl” This was taken last spring when my daughter was a day shy of 2 months old, she was zoned into the basketball game during–already a sports enthusiast :( lol.


Jen September 20, 2011

#655 ~ She went to put on her wings after reading a story about angels. I love how the sun is creating a sweet halo above her head.


Tracy September 20, 2011

“Shelby’s 5 Year” was just a fun little shoot that my daughter and I did on a whim for her 5th birthday. We had a blast and ended up with SO many great pics.


Adriana September 20, 2011

Tried one more and last time….new entry #642. My picture is of my youngest son while playing outside during a nice late summer afternoon. If this works…I’ve figured out in a very hard way how this whole posting thing works :-)


Karyn September 20, 2011

#643 (as of now) if it changes. I was shooting a kid session and the little man ran and found the only intact dandelion and I begged him to wait for me before he blew off all the seeds. It worked out so perfectly. =)


Erica September 20, 2011

My photo is of my beautiful daughter in the grass with sun shining down on her! Great photo challenge!


Nicole J September 20, 2011

My photo was captured while pushing my little man in an airplane swing while the sun was setting. It was a little chilly, so the little bit of sun on our skin kept us warm to play a little longer. I love the photo of my little mans smile. Life couldn’t get any better than that!


Alison September 20, 2011

Please delete #564… I forgot to link it to my blog, sorry!
New entry is #622 (as of now)
I love looking at all these sunny images! Thanks for a fun contest! :)


Courtney E. September 20, 2011

#621…my 3 1/2 year old dancing in the early morning sunrise. So sweet, and he was just in his own little world!


C. Gleason September 20, 2011

Perhaps a day of bravery, perhaps mood of careless abandon. Whatever the case, the theme “A Touch of Sun” must have called me. This photo was taken by yours truly at a Venice Beach, Florida street of boutiques last weekend. Since I rarely have shots taken of myself, the mood was set to capture this window reflection with the sun glare. No other textures or filters were harmed during this capture. ~


Bethany McG September 20, 2011

YAY! I LOVE sunlight. Check out my Kayleigh Bug #65!


thatgirlblogs September 20, 2011

my photo is a girl on the slide with sun behind her — you can see all of her hair sticking up with static electricity. a very cool accident!


Candy Caldwell September 20, 2011

While doing a senior photography shoot the sun came out to play! It danced around Jame’s head and his feet, he enjoyed the golden glow and my job was to capture all this with my lens! James was a great sport, and the photos and light were amazing!


Roberta September 20, 2011

Wow…sure takes patience to load photos and to leave comments on this…so slow…I know that it’s because of all the entries but it’s hard to even go leave comments on other people’s entries because it takes so long to load in the first place. Am I the only one have these issues? I’m running the newest windows 8 so don’t know it that’s it or not, etc. Doesn’t matter which browser I use either…I’ve tried firefox, google and windows…all the same ;}
Anyhow…just can’t believe that it’s almost fall! I know that we hand and incredibly hot summer but I’m always sad when summer is over. Felt like we were just on vacation and “bam” it’s already September. So I posted a photo of me on the beach enjoying what we always do on vacation…coloring/creating in my art journals in my lounge chair…life just doesn’t get any better. Have a great week, fondly, Roberta


Alison September 20, 2011

#565 …Morning rays in Clear Lake, IN… I love seeing all the “touch of sun” shots! Photographing in the sun is my absolute favorite! It keeps you on your toes! haha


Nicole Hansen September 20, 2011

My entry is currently #561 I had just received my new lens, the 50 1.4 and so badly wanted to experiment with it at sunset. My one year old of course was my guinea pig. I love how the photos from our session turned out!



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