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July 29, 2011

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1st Place: Ashley Warren

It’s been a record breaking summer of heat so what better way to cool us off then with a WATER-THEMED challenge? If only we could have dunked our heads in all this water, we’d be a lot cooler right now. The entries were so wonderfully cool and refreshing!

Special thank you to our Guest Photographer Judge, Justin Hackworth, for his work this week choosing his favorite photos! He said of our winning photo by Ashley Warren: I love so many things about this picture. I love the moment that this image was taken. I love the fast shutter speed to see clearly those droplets of water being splashed about. There’s such simplicity to the structure of the image. Simple story, too. It’s a kid falling back in water. But more is going on here because you look at this image and you can feel yourself doing the same thing and remember all the good things about summer. Looking at this picture takes you to that place to a time you may have done the same thing. The hint of red in the swim suit and the hint of blue in the goggles are essential elements to the picture. And I love the big “4 FT.” included in the picture. Well done.

2nd Place: Capture Studios

It’s not easy making good underwater pictures, but you’ve done so here. Great expression on that kid’s face and one thing that really works well is that all the bubbles are around him, but not obscuring his face. In a way, framing the part of the image where you want people to notice. I like that second person in the background, too, giving the viewer a little extra and reason to keep lingering and looking at the image.

3rd Place: Life of the Rikkers

Everyone should be so lucky as to have a family picture like this. This picture says a lot. For one thing, a boring family would never take a picture like this, so you get the sense that they people are fun, and know how to have a good time when they are together and don’t mind a little silliness. There’s also this anticipation of what’s going to happen the second after the shutter is clicked. I’m wondering what’s going to happen to those three on right side.

4th Place: Dany Yi

I always love a picture with a little bit of mystery. This image has that. There’s a lovely mood to this image. Calm and serene.

5th Place: Shauna

Lovely. Looking at this picture, you can almost feel it. That narrow focus on her face and the drops of water on her face and forehead really enhance this picture. For me, her closed eyes also make the picture stronger.

6th Place: Mischief and Laughs

I like the very casual, authentic nature of this image. The backlit lighting works very well.

7th Place: Achristians4

Great angle. I think it works very well to be shooting from underneath them. That sliver of land and lake at the bottom of the frame on the right hand side helps give context to their surroundings but it also helps anchor the image and keeps your eye from moving outside the picture.

8th Place: Rik-see

Well now that’s just down-right cute. The clean, simple background is a smart choice with this picture.

9th Place: Squeeek Photography

This is great- the mood, the light…Beautiful and peaceful. What a great way to spend the afternoon just as that sun is setting low. The placement of her face in that line drawn across the water from the reflection of the sun helps bring your eye right to the part of the picture where you want the viewer to look.

10th Place: 4 Lettre Words

At first I was going to pass this one by, but then I couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s unusual in the angle from which the picture is taken and it’s not that easy at first to figure out exactly what’s going on and why the camera is shooting through that water splash. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it, and that’s just what you want a picture to do. You want the viewer to keep looking and keep asking questions. Success.

Each week we (Angie & Amy) like to show off some of our favorite entries as well! Here are our picks…

Sacha Blackburne

Life with 4 J’s

Michelle…Ma Belle

Erin Wheeler

Purple Tree Photography

Around the Bend Photography

Brianna Verdolino Photography

Just Leesha

Cook for 5

Kate Parker
I Heart Faces - Water Photo Challenge

If you were in the Top Ten or an “Angie & Amy Pick” you can go to this page to find your special Winners Button to display on your blog! Super-huge congratulations for entering such an amazing photo this week!

A Friendly Reminder: To be able to be considered as a winner for our photo challenges, you must follow these guidelines…

1| Only ONE photo can be in your entry post. If there are other photos in your entry post, your photo will not be passed on to the weekly judge.

2| Our button must be in your post (you can find our buttons on our “Grab a Button” page.)

3| You must enter a permalink to your blog post or Flickr entry (not a link to the home page of your blog.)

Next week is a non-challenge week!

We’ll be hosting an informal photo challenge over at our FREE I Heart Faces Community Website. You can upload as many landscape photos as you’d like to and then tag them with IHFlandscape2011 so that we can find them. We’ll be featuring some of our favorites right here on our blog later in the week so that everyone can be inspired by them.

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Xina August 5, 2011

Photos are fantastic. I love watching the baby in front of the aquarium. Great shots.


Jonathan Ivy July 30, 2011

Great photos everyone! Keep up the good work! The 10th place entry is my favorite.


jonathanfun July 30, 2011

Photo Challenge Winners | Water :: #photography


Justin Hackworth July 29, 2011

@justinhackworth chose the @iheartfaces contest winners this week and my image is one of them!! Wohooo! THANK YOU #photo


Jodi Rykse July 29, 2011

I’m humbled to be picked among so many fantastic photographers! Congrats to all!


Leesha July 29, 2011

This has been one of my favorite themes this summer! I love the freeze frame action water shots! I also love Dany Ti’s photos of the woman in the bathtub, its hauntingly beautiful and so worthy of being one of the winners.


Lindsey July 29, 2011

Congrats to the winners!


Dana July 29, 2011

I am soo honored to be among the ones chosen. Congratulations to Ashley and everyone included here. Beautiful entries.


Tina July 29, 2011

Oh how I enjoyed the photos this week, and you chose some really great winners! Love them all! congratulations!


Dana Suggs July 29, 2011

Oh I have to say, I LOVED this list of winners this week!! Dana Yi’s entry blew me away with it’s raw openness! And I need to talk to Sacha and find out how in the world she talked that beautiful lady into getting into the water in that dress! HAHAHAHA

BEAUTIFUL job this week! VERY nice job everyone!


Ashley Warren July 29, 2011

So unbelievably honored that my image was chosen for first place! Such an great group of pics to choose from!!! Love the boost of creativity I get from these challenges! Completely addicted. 🙂


Kelli Taylor July 29, 2011

So many wonderful photographs!


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