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May 30, 2011

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Welcome to this week’s photo challenge where all skill levels of photographers are welcome to join in the fun!

This week we are having a special “People’s Choice” photo challenge where all of YOU will get to be the Guest Photographer Judge and help us pick the winning photos.  🙂

  • The photo you enter this week must be one that you have never entered on our site before and must have a human face in it.  We will be open for entries on Tuesday only.
  • This week’s theme is “Best Face Photo from May 2011.” Read more details here.
  • If your entry has been deleted, it is because you entered your link incorrectly. Please read our FAQ’s to learn how to enter your link correctly.
  • We do not allow any entries from Facebook.  Read more about the 3 types of entries we accept here.
  • Voting will begin on Thursday morning.  You can vote on your favorites HERE.

Photo Credit: IHF Community member, angie de la o

Photo Entries

We like to mix things up around here a bit sometimes and this week will be one of those times!

  • We will be open for entries on Tuesday only.
  • We want to get involved in the fun a bit this time as well! After this challenge closes, we (Angie & Amy) will go through all of the entries and narrow them down to our very top favorites. We have no idea how many we will end up but we anticipate somewhere between 50-100.
  • On Thursday, the Linky will open up once again showing only our top favorites and then anyone and everyone will be able to vote on their favorites from that mix.  Voting will be open until Friday afternoon.  Vote on your favorites HERE.
  • Winning photos will be featured on Saturday.
  • Each computer will be able to vote 10 times.
  • Multiple votes from the same IP Address will not be counted in the final total when we begin tabulating the votes to see who the Top Ten winners are.

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Maria Arellano June 2, 2011



Tammy June 1, 2011

#256 – this is my first “paid” wedding. The groom broke down after the ceremony and just held his bride oh so close. It was so precious! I had no idea I had actually caught a picture of one of his tears until it was editing time! I will never forget this couple nor the pure joy and liberation I feel now that I finally started my biz.


Sue M June 1, 2011

Did I miss the cut off?


Delia June 1, 2011

OMGness, thank you!!! & I’m so sorry!!! The hazards of staring @ a computer screen all day 😉

Thank you!


Angie & Amy June 1, 2011

@Delia – We’re not sure why you think your link is deleted…we see it there as #421 (Delia’s 1).


-Angie & Amy
co-founders of I Heart Faces


Delia June 1, 2011

Just for pure curiosity I was hoping you could educate me as to why my entry with a Flickr link would be deleted from the entries…..there are many links just as it was that are still qualified & are shown above…..but mine was deleted?

Here was the link entered & accepted by the linky:


Wanda Whitehead June 1, 2011

My photo is #287…it is of my nephew Luke. He is just a wonderful little fella and loves for his Aunt Wanda to have her camera out! He won’t let anyone else take his picture so it is really an honor to have a 4 year old start saying “Cheese” as soon as he sees you coming! All photos are great and I don’t envy you having to choose!


Marla June 1, 2011

So many great shots. I love looking at everyone else’s work and sharing mine. I’m #91 – Morning Bee. Love getting feedback of all kinds. Good luck all.


Marley! June 1, 2011

Im #59 click on the link for a closer look and leave some love! Good luck to everyone!


Sue Ma June 1, 2011

Entry #474 is of my son! Born at 25weeks, 1.5lbs! He is now a super healthy 6month old (adjusted age)


Susan Peoples June 1, 2011

#473 This is my entry and actually was my first Engagement Photo Shoot and it went really well. They were such a fun couple and looking forward to their wedding this weekend. Great pictures from May faces 🙂


Amanda Kelley May 31, 2011

Our son Harrison is # 468…He is our 3lb miracle born 3 months too soon! He is the face and my drive for photography. Capturing ever moment of everyday—he is simply amazing!

You can read his story and view photos at


Angelia Sims May 31, 2011

I am barely getting mine in. One of my favorite shots from May. I wasn’t a vintage fan until this session. 🙂


stephanie May 31, 2011

this is my first entry, and I love the “funness” of the photo I entered. I just so happened to have taken these a few weeks ago and thought it was perfect. you don’t get one but four faces 🙂 mines #405


Meredith May 31, 2011

I’m photo #433. This photo came to my mind immediatley when I saw this week’s photo challenge. And this face is just precious! This adorable little girl was the flowergirl at my most recent wedding. We were taking wedding party photos on a bridge overlooking a river. I told the bridesmaids to get on one side of the bridge and the groomsman to get on the other and make a tunnel so I could take a photo of the bride and groom at the end of it. This little one didn’t see any reason why she didn’t belong in the picture. It didn’t matter to her that she wasn’t tall enough to reach the other side. 🙂


Leilani Rogers May 31, 2011

I think my comment didn’t take the first time… just wanted to say I love these months where everyone gets to pick their fave photo from the month! I am #358 and totally embarassed that I misspelled my own name! LOL.


Angie & Amy May 31, 2011

@Heidi – We are using the Inlinkz Linky system this week. If their linky will not accept your link for some reason, you will need to contact them directly. We aren’t able to help with those types of problems.

You can find their contact link here:


-Angie & Amy
co-founders of I Heart Faces


Crystal May 31, 2011

My entry is of 1/2 of a beautiful military family and one of the first families to volunteer for my new Project 52 blog. Hanna and Hunter are gorgeous!


Megan Kaiser May 31, 2011

Mine is #310! So many wonderful entries here this week!


Heidi May 31, 2011

Hi Angie & Amy! I am so sorry to bother you, but I was hoping you may be able to provide me with some insight as to why the attached link wouldn’t be accepted on inlinkz? I would so greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide me with!!! A while back you had provided me with some wonderful feedback on how to get a mobileme blog accepted into the contest entries through the comment section; a longer url as you indicated, but works really well & I thank you so much for your help. However, this time around, the linky will not be accepted 🙁 Thank you so much again for any feedback you may be able to share!!!’s_People’s_Choice.html


Helen May 31, 2011

I love and despise these people’s choice challenges… It’s always so hard to pick just one favorite!

I do like that you’re now narrowing down the selections before voting begins! Thanks for doing that!


simply stransky May 31, 2011

So excited to partake in the newest challenge, I love the idea of people’s choice – my entry is #113.

This photo was shot at my daughter’s very first soccer tourney this month – I thought this picture captured her ‘game face’ though still full of complete innocence. The wind was also blowing just right and WOW – I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shot of her beautiful self.

I {heart} too many of the other entries to name them all! Happy Shooting!

GOD is Good | love
Adela aka Mamarazzi


Renee May 31, 2011

This is my very first entry and I’m so excited! The first time that I uploaded the picture I put in the wrong website address, so I hope that its ok that I deleted the entry and re-posted.
My entry #278 is my daughter Rylee. This picture is so precious to me because it was taken at one of those moments where you wish time would stop – every time I see this picture I just smile 🙂
All of the entries are just so beautiful – its so fun to hear all of the stories behind them! I adore picture #149!


Ashleigh A. Coyner May 31, 2011

My entry #82 is my little guy on his first swamp tour in my home state of Louisiana. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and making mama a nervous wreck at the same time!


Christy May 31, 2011

I love the idea of this challenge and I think I just found my number one pick! I love to see young adults following their passion. #266 “Stories Untold” you have my vote! 🙂

My photo is of my daughter (pink puffy jacket) at my son’s soccer game. It was when we had that huge storm the beggining of May. We were freezing so we bundled up and I got this shot of her as she was being my “test subject”. LOL


Bonnie Verbeek May 31, 2011

Picture #226 as shown on my screen (black & white) is my 2-year old son Rowen. He had a little sister 7 months ago, and as you can imagine she unintentionally became the main subject of our camera. On his 2nd birthday I wanted to do a special little session just for him. As many of you know, taking photos of a 2 year old can be a challenge. Of the 200+ photos I took, this one is our favorite! We love how it shows the little man he growing up to be… we love our little “Bubba” so much! 🙂


McFadden Studios May 31, 2011

I was allowed the privelege to follow our fire department around for a training burn this month. it was awesome and terrifying and beautiful. I don’t think that I will ever be able to top that photo session. Ever. amazing men and women of courage. Just a little way that we can pay it forward. my entry is #180.


TammyLee May 31, 2011

#149 is mine. my boy doing his Mater face impression ! click on the picture on my blog to get a better look at it because it’s really cute! 😀


Megan May 31, 2011

I love the people’s choice weeks to see what everyone has been up to all month. My photo is of my daughter and my husband out at Jazz in the Garden. When we got her diagnosis (Down syndrome), we thought (quite wrongly) that we’d be giving up so much. Not at all! She is such a trendy little diva!


Theresa May 31, 2011

My entry #38 is of ! Anaya she is an Angel on Earth!Her innocence, honestly, and beauty fill my heart and this image!

Baby Anaya was diagnosed in May 2010 with Infantile Krabbe Leukodystrophy. She first started showing symptoms in February of 2010 at the age of 4 months. This rare disease causes demylination in the brain due to lack of a specific enzyme.

In most cases a baby diagnosed with infantile Krabbe will develop normally for a few months and then lose their motor skills, the ability to hold their heads up, the ability to smile, laugh or speak, followed by loss of sight and hearing. Seizures may or may not occur and average life expectancy is less than 2 years. Today Anaya just had her 21 month birthday!


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