Interview with Michelle Moore | High Fashion Senior Portrait Photographer

March 1, 2011

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We are excited to welcome Michelle Moore as this week’s Guest Photographer Judge!  She is the owner of a premiere High School Senior Portrait studio on the West Coast.  She offers unique, boutique-style portraits to her clients.  Her approach to senior portraits is fresh, natural, and inspired by teen fashion.  Michelle is located in Seattle, WA and travels the coast for work throughout the year, shooting fashion, editorials for ZOOEY magazine and teen portraits.  Michelle is also the founder of salt&prep – a website dedicated to teens, fashion, and features work from senior portrait photographers across the nation.

Michelle wrote:  I started out as a band photographer (doing live shows) in college (circa 2003).  Eventually moved into portraits, weddings, anything!  In 2007 honed in on Fashion (my original passion) and High School Senior Portraits.  By 2009 I was solely focused on my two loves: Fashion + Seniors, which brings me to where I am today!

Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces

Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces

Fun Q&A with Michelle

  • What was your #1 favorite photography moment from this past year? Getting to photograph Jessica Lowndes for the cover of ZOOEY magazine!
  • Do you have beautiful photos you’ve taken displayed all across your home? I do – I have a number of photos on display in my loft for my clients to see when they get ready for their senior portrait session.  Most of my photos are from 2006 + 2007.  It’s probably time to update them!!
  • Where do you find inspiration to keep your photography creative and unique? I’m really inspired by movies, and when I see gorgeous lighting – such as at concerts, or in the morning when it’s foggy and the sun is streaming through in rays, etc.  I get really inspired by the mood of a setting in movies, or real life.
  • Is there a particular photographer whose work inspires you? Yu Tsai – probably my favorite editorial photographer right now.  Also totally love Bruno Dayan.
  • Do you have your camera with you wherever you go? I used to be more like this, but now when I’m not working I don’t take my camera with me.  I have started using my iPhone (and disposable cameras!) for taking photos of my everyday life/friends/things that I see that inspire me.  My goal for 2011 is to take more personal photos of my life since I haven’t spent much time doing this anymore!
  • Do you have a favorite quote you can share? This is my mantra for life “One day at a time”. I tend to over think and over analyze and get overwhelmed, so this really helps keep life in perspective.
  • How about a  “most stressful” photography moment?

I shared this on my blog in 2009.  Not my finest moment, but a good learning experience!

I do want to pause for a moment and talk about the importance of having backup gear. Literally halfway through a shoot my camera died. Completely. I shot about 20 frames before I noticed a huge black diagonal strip going through the middle of my images. I tried to see if I could fix it, but my shutter was completely DEAD. Normally I would have a back-up camera at home, but this particular instance my back-up camera was being repaired since it died in July. My client and her mom were so understanding, and we were able to finish up her shoot the following week. Luckily I was able to pick up a new camera the next day before my next shoot, and have been able to get through the month while my cameras are being repaired.

I cannot stress enough that having backup gear is important!! (Especially if you shoot weddings!!).  “It’s not a matter of “will it happen to me?”, but “when will it happen to me, and will I be prepared?”

If you shoot weddings you should have back-up gear, but if you are still working on affording it, you can always rent for the day. Other ideas are to pick up a gently used camera (like a Canon 5D
or even have a Canon 30D) stored in your car for quick portrait emergencies. Having multiple cameras is expensive, so do what you can to be prepared. Gear wears out, things break, and random things happen. Be ready for it!

Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces
Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces

Michelle’s Helpful Tips & Camera Gear

Please check out my Q&A posts! I hope to do more of these in 2011. I’m a little behind… so suggestions are welcome! You can also view my camera gear here.

Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces
Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces

Catch up with Michelle

Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces
Photography Interview with Michelle Moore - I Heart Faces

Thank you so much for visiting with us here at I Heart Faces this week Michelle and for inspiring us with your beautiful work!

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Luke March 5, 2011

No, not weird at all! I have been following her for a while too! She rocks!


jonathanfun March 2, 2011

Interview with Michelle Moore | High Fashion Senior Portrait Photographer :: #photography


Casey March 2, 2011

Wow, I love her photos! So beautiful and the goofy shots are the Best!
I love the color of her hair!! I have been wanting to try to go red but I’m so scared! and dont I could pull it off like she does.


Dawniele Castellanos March 2, 2011


How do you engage your client and get the teenager to think and feel the way you need them to in order to bring that out in the photograph?


Michelle Moore March 1, 2011

Thanks for the interview Angie – and for all the love you guys!! XO


Tracy March 1, 2011

I sat in the doctors office today and spent 2 hours drooling over Michelle’s blog on my phone… came home and spent even more time…. AWESOME!!!


maryanne March 1, 2011

Great interview! So true about back up gear. I had a lens break at one wedding and my camera a few weddings after that. I didn’t have a backup camera the second time and lucked out that it was during the reception! When I say break. There was no dropping or smashing involved. I mean things just stopped working for no reason.


Crystal March 1, 2011

Great interview! Her style is awesome!


Life with Kaishon March 1, 2011

I don’t think I have ever met her! Such a great tip about always having a spare camera! You never know when you will need it!

Thanks for being here at I Heart Faces this week!


Shawntae March 1, 2011

Wow, she is amazing! I’m following her now.:)


Leilani March 1, 2011

Oh my freaking God!! I LOVE Michelle! Ok does that sound weird?! I have been following her blog for about a year and just about die over each post! Every single image is stunning!


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