Fix It Friday #86 | Photo Editing Fun!

February 11, 2011

in Fix-It Friday

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It’s Fix-It Friday, a weekly event where our contributors edit the same photo and our participants can join the fun by editing that same photo their own way and linking into the party! We have received many requests for more “difficult” photos to fix up so today we’ll be using a cute shot that Rachel captured of her little gal.  She wrote: I took these photos for fun since I had my lights and paper out. This one is under exposed and the color is pretty off. I loved her pose and expression – so I suspected that deep down it was a keeper.

Photo Details: Canon 5D, 24-70 2.8L lens at f/9, 70mm, ISO 50, 160th. Alien Bees 800 at 1/8th power.

{Edit above by Susan Keller.}

Original, SOOC image (read more instructions about FIF and learn how to download the high-res image here.)

Copyright Restrictions: You are being given permission by the original photographer (Rachel from Savor Photography) to use this photo as a way to practice your editing skills for the purpose of FIF only. You do not have permission to use this photo for any other purpose. Since the photo was not taken by you, it should not be branded with your watermark unless your watermark says “edited by” on it.

We love our contributor’s edits and can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Click on the contributor’s name below for step-by-step instructions to achieve the same look.

{Sometimes our contributors might give us a surprise by doing more than one fix!}

Andrea Riley’s Tutorial:

Susan Keller’s Tutorial:

Now it’s your turn (if you are new to our site there is no need to wait! We encourage everyone to jump right on in and join the fun today!) Click here to download this Fix-It Friday photo and to read our FIF instructions.

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Thank you so much to our Contributors for their beautiful FIF Tutorials…they work really hard every week to help us all learn more about photo editing! Please tell us about your fix in the comments section below…

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Vicki February 12, 2011

I’m late to the party (as usual) and last on the linky list but I had to comment on some of the GORGEOUS edits I saw (and YES! I looked at ALL of them):
#52 (Heather Combs) has a beautiful B&W version. (I thought this was a tough one to convert but hers is outstanding)
#15 (Nicole Barr) Magazine cover photo. Creative genius!
#16 (Christine Marks) Reminiscent of a Renaissance Old Masters Painting
#18 (Kristi Hollowell) Nice clean edit with a creative crop that makes for a wonderful composition
#71 (Stacey Lynn) Reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting (LOVE!)
#89 (DelaLane) Gorgeous selective color version (not normally my cup of tea but this is absolutely beautiful!)
#94 (Cheryle Kupsch) Luscious blue/green textured background that matches the girls’ eyes & vest. Background also beautifully compliments her red hair. Perfection!
WOW. I’m blown away by all this talent and creativity!


Nosti February 12, 2011

Just a note to those of you using blogger. I’ve tried to comment on some of the blogs, but there’s some kind of bug that affects some (not all) FireFox users and will not allow them to leave comments unless the comment form is set to “full page.”

If you want to change the setting, go to your dashboard and click on SETTINGS–>COMMENTS tabs, then look for “Comment Form Placement” and select “full page” option. Don’t forget to scroll down and save your settings.


Nosti February 12, 2011

Susan Keller, I want your skills! The edited photo at the top of the page is excellent!


Frogmum February 12, 2011

Beautiful edits the both of you 😀 ~ I went with the red too, but was amazed to see over on Rachel’s Blog that Chloe’s hat and leggings were shocking pink! ( which looks so cute with her locks of red hair! I wish I’d known BEFORE I edited!! So, now I have to go with BW’s as my faves!!


Shauna February 12, 2011

I just love this picture and the edits are gorgeous too! I am currently pregnant w/a girl and my husband has red hair so we hope for some red in her hair. This picture just spoke to me. Beautiful little girl!


Amy Locurto February 12, 2011

Amazing photo edits! RT @iHeartFaces: It’s Fix-It Friday, a weekly event…


SLucy (Creative Skyy Photography & Design) February 11, 2011

I added all the details on how I edited this beautiful photo on my blog, come by and check it out if you wish 😉


Michelle February 11, 2011

This is my very first entry. I enjoyed doing this and am looking forward to future Fix It Fridays. I hope I am posting this correctly.


Melanie Dempsey February 11, 2011

I love all the edits too! It was a pretty good picture to start with too! It looks great even just lightening it a little!


amy February 11, 2011

Wow! Amazing edits this week!


Angela Salazar February 11, 2011

Those edits are gorgeous! It’s amazing what a little editing can do. I love you crop susan and the color!!


Susan Keller February 11, 2011

oooh, Andrea – your colors are gorgeous and your creamy skin edit is perfection!


mae February 11, 2011

This was a really fun photo to work with…thanks for the opportunity!


Heidi Huze February 11, 2011

Entry #28 “Fix-It Friday”…….what a great shot. Such a wonderful story told through the eyes of one little princess


Debra February 11, 2011

Loving this pic – such a cutie! That red beret is just adorable. In love with Susan’s image (first pic), totally highlights her expression.


Amber February 11, 2011

Whoops, I see two of these edits are Susan’s. The one I was referring to is the first colored version, though the b/w is great too! Andrea, I love how her skin tone looks so creamy yet crisp around her eyes! You both did an amazing job.


Amber February 11, 2011

Oh my word! I don’t really want to try and edit this one because the edits here can’t be improved on, esp. Susan’s! I love how you cropped it. Great picture this week and beautiful edits. Maybe I’ll give it a shot… we’ll see. 🙂


Not So Average Mama February 11, 2011



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