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January 29, 2011

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We absolutely loved this week’s theme of “Innocent Wonder”…it was beautiful to see it interpreted in so many amazing ways. We knew this was going to be a really broad theme that would allow for a lot of creativity and you all rocked it!

1st Place: cartwheel soup

This week’s Guest Photographer Judge, Kelle Hampton, said of this week’s Winner, cartwheel soup, I kept coming back to this photo for a number of reasons. I love the juxtapostion of two different emotions–the love and pride of the father against the innocent wonder of these wide, glassy newborn eyes. And I love that I get the feeling that neither one of these souls recognized their picture was being taken. It truly embodies the “Innocent Wonder” theme and made me really stop and stare. Whether it was purposeful or not, I love how most of the light in this photo is spilling right onto the face of this baby–where it belongs–with a little leftover that falls onto the daddy. Together, the elements and feeling in this photo work to make this image evoke raw emotion which is truly an accomplishment. Congratulations Cartwheel Soup!

2nd Place-skye snyder

I like the angle and perspective of this photo. I love the details from the chipped polish on the little girl’s fingernails to the suggestion of her mama’s presence crouched behind her in the background. It’s relatable in that most of us have seen this very look–this childlike curiosity and wonder for something new in nature–and the photo captures it well.

3rd Place-April belle

I love the soft light, the colors, the exuberence and energy that comes from this little girl’s face and stance. It represents the theme well. And I’ve think we’ve all been in this state of wonder before…where we honestly feel like throwing our hands up and yelling “I love my world!” If only we could look this cute doing it.

4th Place-woahmomma

This is another one of those photos that just kept me staring for a minute at the screen. The light is beautiful, and I love that it captures that state of entrancement we get when we allow a child to pull us out of the unimportant to a gripping moment of “this here matters.” The theme of innocent wonder is represented not only by the baby but by privileged one holding that baby.

5th Place-.possum.

If these were my children, I’d have this blown up and hanging in their room. The focus is brilliant, and you totally get the feeling that the photographer “snuck up” on these beauties in a moment where they were lost in imagination. It embodies everything wonderful about childhood and wonder and reminds us all to have these kind of moments more often.

6th Place-montana megs

I smiled when I first saw this and couldn’t help but think that the moment it was snapped, the photographer had to look down at the screen and have a moment of victory…one of those “Holy Crap, I nailed it” moments. If only every parent could have this moment captured when a sibling first sees their new baby. The light is beautiful, the diagonal lines of the glass window add interest, the smile on the father and the way he’s holding the baby’s hand just melted me. It’s classic and beautiful.

7th Place-m and sj

You can’t even put words to the soulful look on this baby’s face. I love that the focus is purely the baby in this photo but there’s just enough elements of the father from his faint profile to the the new I.D. bracelet he’s wearing on that hand cradling the baby’s head to feel the connection and love between these two.

8th Place-follow my camera

This photo made me wish I could see what the other scene looked like–what she was looking at–and yet I can imagine exactly what it looked like. These eyes represent so purely “Innocent Wonder” and yet there’s a tiny bit of trepidation there as well which is often a part of wonder. I love the light, the reflection, the yellows, the fact that you can’t see her entire face, and I love the small glimpse of black eyed susans in the other window.

9th Place-capturing fireflies

This image brilliantly captures the innocent wonder theme. It’s effortless and reminds us all to never lose that sense of wonder. I love the way her hair is flying, the way it’s perfectly overexposed a bit on her hair to truly get the sense of sun and summer and warmth, and the way her eyes are closed in that moment of wonder. Gorgeous.

10th Place-jenny rain

I couldn’t put my finger on why I love this photo, but it makes me want to know more, and taking a photo that peaks your curiosity and makes you want to know more is an accomplishment. The perspective is beautiful, and the innocent wonder captured in this particular image is a little bit different–more calm, sober and mysterious than some of the others. I want to know who this child is, where it was taken, and what this child was seeing. It’s really beautiful.

Each week we (Angie & Amy) like to show off some of our favorite entries as well! Here are our picks…

corrie owens

l.lee photo

apryl deeter

angela salazar

erin hull

romeo and mae

everyday i walk with you

jeni holland


noreen hunter

If you were in the Top Ten or an “Angie & Amy Pick” you can go to this page to find your special Winners Button to display on your blog! Super-huge congratulations for entering such an amazing photo this week!

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aurora January 31, 2011

Good ones this week!


skye snyder January 30, 2011

THANK YOU, Kelle. I am thrilled that you chose my photo this week and even more over the moon to be introduced to your words and images on your blog. {SALUT} PS. We, too, could live in our car, in a snowstorm, for at least a week with all the toys, treats, and unidentifiable objects we would ever need.


apryl January 30, 2011

thank you so much angie and amy – i’m thrilled to be recognized! i can’t wait to enter again, it’s going to be a motivator for me to get some more shooting done:)


Bethany January 30, 2011

Oh my word!! I won first place! Kelle, thank you so, so much for choosing my photo! I almost died when I opened the page and saw my photo first. What an honor. Truly the highlight of the month 🙂


name January 30, 2011

wow!!! I am amazed that the photo that I posted (my second entry ever) was chosen to be Angie and Amy’s pick!!! How cool is that!!! It’s even more special because it’s the first time that any of my photos have been selected in any challenge that I’ve participated. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!!! You have no idea how it means to me!!! 🙂 And to those who viewed and left comments, thank you!!!!


Erica/.possum. January 30, 2011

Wow, so excited to be in the Top Ten!


Jeni Holland January 29, 2011

Wow…I am so honored to be among the many beautiful “Angie and Amy Faves”. This is only the second time I’ve entered a photo challenge and I’m extremely excited to have been chosen as a favorite. =)


Jenny January 29, 2011

These are all so wonderful! Congrats to all of the winners and honorable mentions!


meghan January 29, 2011

woo hoo!! what an incredible honor to make it to the top 10!!! thank you for all you do!!


Sarah King January 29, 2011

Thanks so much Kellie and I heart faces and everyone that really nice comments on my photo. I am humbled to be in the top 10 at I heart faces for the first time. 🙂

Sarah – Capturing Fireflies Photography


jonathanfun January 29, 2011

Photo Challenge Winners | Innocent Wonder :: #photography


April Morris January 29, 2011

I can NOT believe it. I am so grateful! Thank you so very much!! I love ya, I heart faces community– for all that it represents & is– you’re grrreat.

Thanks again!


Janell Hughes January 29, 2011

Thank you so much for picking me as a fave! It totally made my day today!


veronica January 29, 2011

Congrats to all!


Erin Hull January 29, 2011

Hey, thanks so much for picking my photo as a favorite, Angie and Amy!! I am all smiles! 🙂


Emma Braford January 29, 2011

Wow! What inspiring photos! I love reading the judges’ comments to see what they liked about each photo. All this just makes me want to keep shooting and become a better photographer! Love it!


corrie owens January 29, 2011

thank you so much for featuring my photo as an angie and amy pick! 2nd time in 3 weeks and i am so excited about that 🙂


Amber | Follow My Camera January 29, 2011

I am so honored to be in the top ten! Love these challenges…they push us to see things from another perspective. Thanks!


Carrie garrett January 29, 2011

Such beautiful shots!!!! I love them all especially number 9. Congrats to all!!


Jennifer O. Romeo and Mae January 29, 2011

Thanks for choosing my pic as a favorite! Lots of beautiful entries this week.


Jenny January 29, 2011

Oh my gosh oh my gosh! I’m so incredibly humbled and honored! There are some incredible photographers on your site, and I’m just having a blast being a part of the challenges. Wow… I have been smiling for the last hour. Thank you so much, this is SUCH an encouragement to me to keep on photographing. Thankyou! Squee!

Congrats to everyone – your photos are INCREDIBLE and I learn so much from each of you 🙂


Ashley J. January 29, 2011

Kelle, you did an brilliant job judging this contest, and a beautiful job telling what you thought about them. These photos brought tears to my eyes, especially the ones of the babies.
Congrats to all the winners!


Raymonde January 29, 2011

Oh wow wow wow, I can’t believe I am actually amongst the chosen few. Thank you so much. You have made my day. Have a super weekend. xxx 🙂


Skye Johansen January 29, 2011

Oh my gosh these are all SO PRECIOUS!!! I love them all!


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