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January 24, 2011

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Welcome to this week’s photo challenge where all skill levels of photographers are able to join in the fun!

Our photo challenges are open for entries until Tues (9:00 pm CST). To be considered as a winner of this week’s challenge, you can only have ONE photo in your entry. Please make sure that you add our button to your blog post as well so that you’ll be eligible to win!

  • This week’s theme is “Innocent Wonder.”  Read more details here.
  • If you are newer to our site, please read our FAQ’s.
  • Please remember that a human face needs to be in your photo entry somewhere.
  • If your entry has been deleted, it is because you entered your link incorrectly. Please go ahead and reenter it correctly using a permalink to your post.

Photo Credit: IHF Community member, Tara Scott

“Innocent Wonder” Photo Entries:

If you enter our photo challenge this week, we ask that you leave comments for at least five entries around yours. Our participants love this! :) Please also read the copyright and guideline info in our sidebar before entering.

Tell us about your Innocent Wonder photo entry in the comments section below!

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Michele January 27, 2011

My entry is #405. My sweet baby was sick and wondering why she felt so yucky. Such a hard thing for a little one to understand when they just feel gross. Enjoy and thank you for the opportunity to play along and see all these wonderful shots!


Heather Telford January 27, 2011
Lynette Reeves January 26, 2011

this is my daughter, she sat in this little corner while her twin sisters were playing around her. You can tell her mind is just wondering……


Nicole January 26, 2011

My entry is #209, we were at the local pumpkin patch and were were about to leave because the weather had gotten so windy and cold and I hadn’t brought jackets or hats. We came to an open grass area and I wanted to get some family shots..but my son decided he was too cold for that so he grabbed his sisters hand and took off running for the car. They would stumble and he would stop to pick her back is one of my favorite memories of them.


veronica anthony January 26, 2011


My daughter and son went to preschool together but when he turned 5 he was off to the “big” kid school…. Kindergarten. We had to watch from behind a school gate as he went out on the playground to line up and meet his new friends and teacher. She was not a happy camper that day but you could see the look in her eyes of what it must be like to be out there with the big kids. And I know her…she wondered were the ready for her?? :)

This is pretty exciting to be a part of this community and get a chance to share what i love most.


Lil G Photography January 26, 2011

Really loved this weeks challenge.
I enjoy looking at all the entries. My entry is #498.
What’s Up There? Just happened to catch her
at the moment of wonder :)


Ericka January 26, 2011

Number 799:) Liam discovered two things that day…cottage cheese (which provided it’s own fantastic set of photos) and how to make BIG splashes in the tub. He was dead serious about the splashing too, very focused. But when the water would hit me or daddy…belly laughs!!! So worth the soaking wet floor:)


Kristen January 26, 2011

My entry changed to 801. Woohooo! 24 whole places :)


Yvette January 26, 2011

My photo is of my Son Ben- entitled “Summer Fun” only because “Not so clean fun” or “Wonder what’s on the other side of this fence” were too long for a title… he is my stubborn, yet tender little guy and he always keeps me on my toes… the number has fluctuated from 804-829…


Adriana January 26, 2011

#741 My little gnome.


Vanessa Paris January 26, 2011

My entry has changed to 814!


destiny rowell January 26, 2011

entry: #344
we were out and about shooting a dr.seuss theme session and we were across from a train depot, lil man was glued to watching the train go by for 5mins and soo many expression to choose from, all priceless and 100% genuine boy!


jen January 26, 2011

still no luck entering. checked at about 9:20 (after reading that you would be keeping it open a bit longer and it still said closed!
here’s my link again if it’s possible to still enter!


Kelly January 26, 2011

Tried to post earlier, but the linky was closed. Saw that it had been fixed, but it still shows closed here…so here is my link:


Kim B January 26, 2011

I tried several times this evening and the linky tool wasn’t working!


Vanessa Paris January 26, 2011

My entry is No. 825, I took a few quick shots last night of my 7 year old daughter, Annika. It’s frightfully hot here in Australia, but it also means she gets to wear her many pretty frocks:). I’m in awe of all of the beautiful, inspiring images here, it’s the first time I’ve entered! Vxx


Cassie Martin January 26, 2011

Thank you!


Kristen January 26, 2011

My photo is #825. I was experimenting with my new camera while my son was playing with his new inflatable ball he received at a birthday party.


Angie & Amy January 26, 2011

We just fixed the problem and the Linky Tool is now open again. :) We’ll keep it open a little bit longer than usual because of that.


-Angie & Amy
co-founders of IHF


Paige January 26, 2011

I’m going to add my link too. It’s not 9pm CST yet but the linky is closed. Here’s my sweetie playing at the water table:


Kimberly Beatty January 26, 2011

I also am unable to access Mr. Linky, and it’s only 8:13 CST. I would love to be added; my link is


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