Week 51 – “Hilarious Outtakes” Winning Photos!

February 20, 2008

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We are so thankful for our five wonderful “Guest Fan Judges” who helped us go through the entries this week. It sounds like they each had so much fun going through their set of entries to choose their Top Three photos…there were a lot of silly, funny, crazy faces to choose from!

We’re thinking that this week was so much fun that we are going to have to do it again! Our plan is to have this theme again in March so be sure to start saving all of your “Hilarious Outtakes” photos so that you can make our next set of Guest Fan Judges laugh like loons as well. 🙂

And here are the hilarious photos that each of our judges chose as their Top Three picks this week…

Guest Fan Judge: Rebeckah from Life With Kaishon

First Place:

Rebeckah - 1st Place Britt in Okinawa

This photo makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.
Her husband was cleaning out the fridge and her son loved the Coors Light can.
Very funny! I am so glad she had her camera ready at that moment.

Second Place:

Rebeckah - 2nd Place Suki

Every time I look at this sneering baby I laugh.
And believe me, I looked thru my list of potential winners about 100 times….
I love this picture. Wonderfully funny outtake!

Third Place:

Rebeckah - 3rd Place Lara Hanlon Photography

What is NOT to love about a baby peeing
This is a very special moment caught on camera!
Hilarious! When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Guest Fan Judge: Dawn from My Home Sweet Home

First Place:

Dawn - 1st Place Belly Monster Chronicles

The pictures of this baby made my kids and I laugh hysterically. The hard part was choosing which one was the funniest. The mom says that people asked how she got the baby to make those faces and she said, “Simple – I don’t. It’s just what she does.” She must have a ton of “hilarious outtakes” worthy photos, then.

Second Place:

Dawn - 2nd place Clicky-Chicky

This picture just makes me smile. You can tell that the little girl is having so much fun; she looks like a little pixie who is so proud of her sudsy spiked hair. I love her big grin and the splashes of water and bubbles in the air.

Third Place:

Dawn - 3rd place Creatively Chic Photography

This image cracks me up on so many levels. What a story! You’ve got the first and third guys from the left, who appear to be doing as they’re told and posing for the picture. Then you’ve got the two guys on the right who are hamming it up. The second guy from the left is trying to be good, but he’s getting distracted by what’s going on with the other two. Lastly there’s the best part, the finale: the grandfather who looks like he hasn’t held a baby in quite some time and is wondering just exactly what to do with this tiny little fellow.

Guest Fan Judge: Melinda from Bloggin’ It From The Burbs

First Place:

Melinda - 1st Place Amy Jo Momma

I seriously laughed out loud at this photo. The sweet and innocent expression of the little boy combined with the little girl’s eyes popping out of her head as she’s being choked to death is a riot. Not that I’m laughing at her possibly imminent death, I’m just sayin’ how could I not include it in my choices?!

Second Place:

Melinda - 2nd Place Kim Stahnke Photography

The girl’s expression is priceless and the fact that she would neither let go of her significant other nor the dog makes the photo that much more of a classic!

Third Place:

Melinda - 3rd place Mandy Stansberry Photo

I love this entry with the groom cracking up…and the minister’s face is hysterical!

Guest Fan Judge: Brooke from Dinkypops No More

First Place:

Brooke - 1st Place Buckaroomama

Every time I came back to this picture, it made me chuckle. This little guy looks so tough, and that little mustached-expression says “Don’t mess with me!”

Second Place:

Brooke - 2nd Place Photos by Karyn

What a perfect capture of sibling interaction! I really laughed at this one because anyone who has siblings or has more than one kid can surely relate.

Third Place:

Brooke - 3rd Place Momarazzi Chronicles

I was sitting on the couch looking through entries, when my husband leaned over, peeked at my computer, and said “Now that one is funny!”. I couldn’t agree more and giggle each time I think of this guy sporting grandma’s wig.

Guest Fan Judge: Lolli from Better In Bulk

First Place:

Lolli - 1st place Love, Creative Soul

This shot jumped out at me and made me laugh out loud…..twice. At first, I noticed the adults laughing and felt like joining along with them. Then my eyes were drawn to the little boy in the front who looks like he’s telling his own story all together. He made me laugh all over again. Not only is it a great outtake, but it’s a gorgeous photo as well.

Second Place:

Lolli - 2nd place (2) BlondeShot Creative

Newborn babies aren’t always the most beautiful creatures. Sometimes they look pretty darn silly! This newborn expression made me laugh out loud….and remember when mine were that tiny.

Third Place:

Lolli - 3rd place Held By The Father

This is something that my husband would do. Sometimes big people trying to compete with the little people for attention make the funniest subjects for photos. This dad certainly did!

Congrats to all of the Guest Fan Judge’s favorites and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined in the fun this week!!

If you were one of the “Hilarious Outtakes” Winners, we have created this special button that you can display proudly on your blog or website.

I_Heart_Faces - Winners_Button

Angie & Amy
I Faces Co-Founders


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