Meet Julie Rivera – Our “I Heart Faces” Guest Photographer Judge!

February 21, 2008

in Julie Rivera

Julie Rivera How do we even begin to describe how much we love and appreciate Julie? She has been an I Heart Faces participant from the very beginning and was one of the first photographers we asked to be a contributor for our site. Since that time she has faithfully submitted beautifully edited photos for our Fix-It Friday feature, has given literally hundreds of photographers thoughtful advice on how they can improve their photography attempts, and has been an invaluable help to both of us more times than we can remember.

She is a fabulous photographer, a wonderful mother of three (one of whom is only two months old!) and someone we are thrilled to be able to call our friend.

Thank you so much for all you do for us Julie…we truly couldn’t have had such a wonderful year without you!

~Angie & Amy

Julie’s Incredible “I Heart Faces” Submissions:

JRivera 1 JRivera 2 JRivera 3

JRivera 4

Want To Learn A Bit More About Julie?

• is there one camera lens you could not live without?

My Canon 24-70mm/2.8 L. Definitely. (As though it has stiff competition from a slew of others…I only have the 50mm/1.4 in addition to the 24-70.)

• what’s your favorite song right now?

“Hey Soul Sister” by Train. My three year old can sing the chorus too and chastises me when I don’t “project enough.” Hey, I know I am not a good singer. No need to make the whole carload suffer!

• and your favorite holiday?

I like holidays that require no fancy cooking, china or crystal. 4th of July?

• what movie makes you cry?

I try very hard to avoid movies that make me cry. I hate crying. But I will confess “Remember The Titans” brought tears when I saw it on TV last week.

• how long have you been blogging?

Since February 2008, when my photographer friend Sally Brewer told me all REAL photographers have a blog. Well then. I made a blog and called myself a REAL photographer!

• what’s the most interesting place you’ve taken a photo at?

Golgotha in Israel. Jerusalem looked so very different from what I anticipated. I yearn to go back with a digital camera and no limitation on the number of pictures I can take.

• can you do a headstand without using a wall to help you?

Typically, I would say yes. A mere two months after giving birth? I need to try and then I will answer back…

• what’s your favorite beverage?

Adult beverage? Bacardi Rum and Diet Coke. Baptist Social beverage? Water. (And no, I have no indulged in a rum and coke in oh so long…pregnancy then breast feeding…they might invent a new flavor by the time I get a taste!)

• do you have a favorite sport?

Tennis: I played in high school and would love to start playing again. I am also a big New York Yankees fan during baseball season, but I have no desire to play the game myself.

• are you right-handed or left-handed?

Right handed.

• what’s the last place you’ve flown to?

Little Rock, Arkansas (sexy, I know!)

• how many pillows do you sleep with?

Only one, unless I am sick and need an extra one to breathe.

• your popcorn…butter, plain or salted?

Salted. Salt on everything! I love salt!

• what is your very favorite kind of photo shoot?

Seniors because I can concentrate on one person.

• can you touch your tongue to your nose?

No, even with practice.

• horror or comedy?


• were you named after anyone?
No…actually, I was named twice. My dad was out to sea with the Navy when
I was born and my mom named me Paige Elizabeth. Dad disagreed and they
went to court to have my name legally changed to Julie Christine.

• do you sing in the shower?
Who has time for that type of shower?!

• have you ever caught a fish?
Why yes, I have, and it terrified me! I was fishing for catfish with my
grandpa when I was 5…he failed to mention how weird they look and that
they make odd noises. When I hooked my first one, I threw the cane pole
down and hid behind a tree!

• where were you born?
Lemoore, California

• your favorite TV show?
The Office

• where have you lived?
Lemoore, CA; Athens, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Mechanicsburg, PA; Keflavik,
Iceland; Virginia Beach, VA; Aiea, HI; Villanova, PA; Pensacola, FL;
Harrisonburg, VA; Killeen, TX

• your favorite flavor of ice cream?
chocolate chip cookie dough, though it is a tight competition with mint
chocolate chip

• the farthest you’ve ever traveled?
I went from Philadelphia, PA to Thailand the summer before my senior year
in college. I was delirious with fatigue by the time I arrived.

• do you still have your tonsils?

• how many keys are on your key ring?
Only two: one for the car and one for the house. I have no other possessions!

• your favorite spice or seasoning?

• do you know what your name means?
Youthful…oh, that it remains true for many years to come!

• your favorite sweet?
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or York Peppermint Patties

• strangest thing in your purse right now?
A Hello Kitty plastic spoon. One never knows when one will need a spoon.

• do you have a favorite board game?
Trivia Pursuit (teen editions make me feel better about myself than the
Genius Edition.)

• do you like your handwriting?
No. My sisters both have lovely penmanship. Mine is half print, half
script and all ugly.

• what’s your favorite I Heart Faces memory from the past year?
Being selected as a guest judge. While very intimidating, it was quite a
boost to my ego and my confidence.

• if your dreams could come true, what camera would you own right now?
Canon 5D Mark II

• would you bungee jump?
No. Never.

• what is a weird talent that you have?
I can cross my eyes, then move each eye independently of the other. My
husband cringes and turns away in disgust when I do it.

• who are some of the photographers that inspire you?

I am awed by Becker’s talent and image color and quality. I appreciate Cheryl Muhr’s perspective on being a mother first, a professional photographer second…and making money with that viewpoint.

• what do you enjoy the most about I Heart Faces?
I so enjoy the quality of PEOPLE that make up I Heart Faces. Everyone
seems so genuine and desirous of bettering their photography while
bolstering one another in this mutual pursuit.

Don’t Miss Out! You Can Find Julie Here…

Feel free to use the comments section to thank Julie for everything she has done for I Heart Faces over the past year…

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