Fix-It Friday #89 | Keli Hoskins’s Tutorial

January 12, 2008

in Keli Hoskins

This photo didn’t need much, IMO, so I just threw some basic Lightroom presets at it.


On the first one, I did the following in Lightroom …

exposure: +.35
recovery: 45
fill light: 20
blacks: 20

brightness and contrast: +30

clarity: +45
vibrance: +10


Now, if you know me and my editing style, a basic edit like that is actually a little out of the ordinary for me. So for the second edit, I did what I would normally do to a photo I take.

exposure: +.25
recovery: 30
fill light: 10
blacks: 5

brightness: +50
contrast: +20

clarity: +55

Then, I played around with the tone curve a little to give it that “vintage” feel.

And then, I used split toning for the color effect {tan highlights, royal blue shadows}.

And just because Lucy napped longer than normal (wheee!), I threw in a b&w for fun, using Kellie Hatcher’s b&w presets. This one is called DRAMA.


Keli Hoskins is a wife and momma to two girls {Emma and Lucy}, a shallow-field-of-depth-addicted photographer, a Lightroom user, a Canon shooter, a lover of yellow, and an organized person stuck in a messy person’s body. She blogs about d.) all of the above at Kidnapped by Suburbia. And she thinks talking in third person is pretty fun.

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