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January 15, 2008

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Contributor: Angie Arthur from The Arthur Clan and co-founder of I Faces

Photo Editing Program: Aurora from Light Crafts

For my Fix-It this week, I am going to be introducing you to a fabulous new photo-editing program that just came available for purchase a few days ago. This is the same program that you can enter to win a FREE copy of in the giveaway we have on our website this weekend.

As you saw in this post, one of the most amazing things about Aurora is the way that it can sense incorrect shadowing in your photos and correct them with just the click of one button.

Now I’d like to move on and introduce many of the other features that this incredible program provides for you:

After you load this program to your computer, it will then spend a bit of time uploading all of the photos on your computer into itself.

Then, when you need to work on a photo, you can just load the program and all of your photos are already there…ready for you to get started!


Double click on the photo you want to work with and it will take you to a screen with several options: Edit, Email, Print and Publish; You can use the arrows to scroll through the photos in that folder; You can click on “Back to Grid” to go back to the screen I posted above.


For this photo, I clicked on Edit which takes me to a screen with these options:


Do you see that “Auto Relight” button? Oh my goodness..that button is pure photography editing magic!

When you click on “Auto Relight”, you will see a row of photos appear above your original photo. When you first enter, your Original photo will be in the center and then there will be Darker shades of the photo to the left and Lighter shades of your photo to the right.

“Auto Relight” somehow knows how to lighten only the inappropriate shadows and doesn’t mess with the rest of the colors in your photo. This little feature is amazing to me.

(Whichever photo has the orange button next to it is the one that will appear as the larger image below the strip of photos.)


It is awesome how quickly you can fix the problem shadows in your photo. This image is Lighter +2:

Tutorial2 - Lighter 2

This image is Lighter +4:

Tutorial3 - Lighter 4

And this image is Lighter +6:

Tutorial4 - Lighter 6

Now, anytime that you are working on and changing your photo, there is a “Hover” feature is there for you to check just how much your photo has changed during the process. (The hover button is the one that almost looks like a black graduation cap all the way to the right.)

Just click and hold that button down and your photo will change back to the original; let go of that hover button and the image will return to where it was when you were last working on it.

Tutorial5 - Hover Button

After you have lightened (or darkened) your photo to where you want it to be, you can begin working with other features in this program…things like Crispness, Color Strength, Color Warmth, Black & White, Tint, Red Eye or Crop & Straighten.

You can see in this image that “Tint” is highlighted. So, the Original photo is in the middle of the photo strip (see the orange dot next to “No Tint.”)

Tutorial - Tint (none)

Just click on any of the other options to immediately get a different look to your photo.

Example of Sepia Strong

Tutorial - Tint (Sepia Strong)

Example of Cyan:

Tutorial - Tint (Cyan)

One of the other features is different options of Black & White finishes for your photos. This example shows one of them – the “Red Filter” B&W.

Tutorial - B&W (red filter)

Color Strength (you can boost and strengthen the color of your photo by many degrees or you can weaken the color strength as well):

Tutorial - Color Strength 1

Color Warmth (make the tones in your photo warmer or cooler):

Tutorial - Color Warmth-Same

Crispness (use this to sharpen or soften your image.)

Tutorial - Crispness  1

And, another fantastic feature is the Crop & Straighten area:

The “Rule of Thirds” is worked right into this area of the program (love that!)

Tutorial - Crop (main)

And the program has a lot of the best cropping proportions right there ready for you to choose from quickly…


Square Crop Grid Example:

Tutorial - Crop (square)

Landscape 5×7 Crop Example:

Tutorial - Crop (landscape 5x7)

While you are in Crop & Straighten, you will notice right under the photo that you are working on that there is a “Straighten” feature. With your Original photo, the slider will be right in the center. You can easily slide it to the left or the right to rotate your photo to whatever pleases your eye the most.

Tutorial - Crop (straighten bar - close up)

Tutorial - Crop (straighten bar)

To understand all of the features of this program, be sure to check out their website and our giveaway post.

Just from the little bit that I have been able to work with this program, I have been very impressed with it. I hope this review will give you at least a brief glimpse into some of the things that Aurora can do to help you improve your photography through editing.

In most cases, I can’t really imagine being able to completely edit my photos in this program…but it does a wonderful job of taking care of all of the preliminary editing tasks for you. Especially if you ever have any problem photos to work with (which I always seem to have plenty of those!)

For the inexpensive price of $19.95…I would be purchasing my copy of this program immediately! Heck, that’s less money than it costs to take my family to McDonald’s to eat a meal out one time. 🙂

No matter what you decide, I think you will at least enjoy trying this program by downloading their free 7-day trial.

Have fun!


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Angie is a co-founder of I Faces and a stay-at-home-mom of four kiddos who keep her on the run at all times (oh boy do they.) She enjoys spending her time with her family, taking LOTS of photos and then editing them (so much fun!), and working on I Faces while drinking lots of Diet Coke.

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