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November 2, 2007

Welcome to i heart faces…a photography site focused on the art of capturing faces and their various emotions. Each week, people from across the world have the opportunity to enter their favorite face photos into a themed photo challenge. A “Guest Photographer Judge” will choose ten of their favorite photos that will then be displayed on our home page.

This site was founded by two women, Angie & Amy, who met through blogging. As moms, our photography usually centers around our children… and the wonderful emotions that their faces convey. We realized there wasn’t a photography sharing web site for people’s beautiful and unique faces. That’s when the idea for i heart faces was born.

We both have strengths in different areas and have tried to utilize them to make this a fun and welcoming site… and yet easy to participate in at the same time.

Our hope and desire is that you fully participate in the fun of i heart faces each week and that it will become a source of inspiration for you. You’ll probably find yourself making friends along the way (we both know just how easy it is to become friends through a shared love of photography!) and we truly hope that you will love this web site so much that you will tell your friends about us and they will want to play along as well.

~Amy & Angie

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I am a happily married mom and a professional photographer. I still can’t believe that people actually pay me to do something that I love so much! I have been involved with photography for years (you can’t have four kids and not take tons of photos!) but didn’t become serious about it until March of 2008. My passion for this art form has only continued to increase as the months have passed by. I am completely thrilled by the response we have gotten to i heart faces…and by the incredible friendships that have been formed just because of the shared love of photography that we all have.
Find me at:
• My Family Blog: The Arthur Clan
• My Photography Website: Angie Arthur Photography
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i heart faces Community: Angie Arthur

I’m an art director/graphic designer who has overseen hundreds of photo shoots and have been a stylist on most of my own shoots. Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky to have worked with award winning photographers. As a designer, I’m an experienced Photoshop user and love to teach others what I know. Photography is something I’m not great at, by any means, but am very passionate about! By creating this site, I hope to learn more about photography while also getting to know each of you. This is not only a fun place to display your photos but also a community to meet other people passionate about photography.

I’m a wife and mom of two small children who lives in Texas.

Find me at:

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i heart faces Community: Amy Locurto

Click the image above to view complete bios.

• Susan Keller from Short on Words
• Miss B from
The Blah, Blah, Blahg & The Bright Side Project

• Michelle Johnson from My Two Seasons & OpenScrapbook
• Boybarian Dad from Boybarian Dad Photography
• Julie River from
Julie Rivera Photography

Keli Hoskins from Kidnapped by Suburbia

• Rachel Durik from Savor Photography

• Andrea Riley from Happy Chaos

• Dana Suggs at From Chaos to Grace

• Jessica Paige from The Lost Lens Cap

Our Readers

  • Our readers are all types of photography enthusiasts.
  • Both amateurs and professionals. We have a good mix of each category.

Our readers come to our site to:
  • Gain knowledge about photography
  • Get feedback from others in our community
  • Learn from our tutorials and Fix-It-Fridays where they get the chance to edit a photo along with our contributing photographers
By entering photos in our contest, our readers not only learn and meet others with the same hobby, but gain traffic to their site as well.

What they are saying

Janice said…

What a great blog! I am so glad I came across your site. So much inspiration and beautiful photos! I also love how you encourage people to pursue their passion!

Stephanie said…

I love this website! So glad to find it. I can’t wait to see all of the entries.

Michelle said…

I’m a BIG fan of I Heart Faces. I started posting entries for the contest on my blog in January and have looked forward to every week since.

Julie said…

Best part of my Monday morning… hopping on my computer and posting my entries! Love it!

Mireille said….

I am so much in LOVE with this website!! Angie and Amy what a great idea!! I love to see the other sweet faces!

Kelli said…

This is one of the coolest blogs ever. I’m totally addicted.

Kristi said….

I’m afraid that this may become as addicting as updating my blog… Thanks for providing an outlet for the thousands of pictures I take of my kids!

Beth said…

You all have created one of the most positive and friendliest places on the web.

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