Winning the I Heart Faces Photo Contest

January 1, 2007

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We want to try to approach this subject as softly and gently as we can, because we realize that it can be upsetting to some to never “win” one of our judged photo challenges.

That said, we do need to emphasize this. If you are joining in on our contests and your main purpose (or your sole purpose) is only to win them…you are probably going to be very disappointed and discouraged in your attempts.

In our judge photo contests, we typically receive between 400-500 (or more) entries. The chances of the guest judge being the most drawn to your photograph out of all the other many entries and choosing it as a Top Ten photo is tiny! Almost miniscule really.

For you to get the most joy out of our site and to fully appreciate what our site is about, you are going to need to change your mindset from “I want to be the winner!” to a mindset of I just want to have fun and be inspired by this!” If not, you are going to be discouraged and you are going to be disappointed during most of our judged photo challenges.

If you go into each challenge with the mindset of I just want to have fun and be inspired by this!” can you even imagine how you’re going to feel if you eventually win one of the challenges? You are going to be thrilled! Where, if you just have the mindset of “I want to be the winner!” when that eventually happens you will probably just have the disappointing feeling of “Finally.  It’s about time.”

Here are what we feel are the true benefits of participating in our judged challenges:

1) It’s fun!! We have received so many emails from participants who tell us that they don’t care if they ever win a challenge. They are having fun and their photography is improving and that’s all that matters to them. We love their positive attitudes and we know that they have gotten the concept of what our website is really about.

2) You are going to be inspired. No doubt about it…we have top-notch, amazing entries and there is no way to see them without being inspired to take the steps to continue improving your own photography.

3) Increase in Blog Traffic. If you take the time to view other people’s entries and comment on them, you are going to see more people visiting your website and commenting on your entry. This is awesome to anyone who is a blogger…we all love to have comments on our site and new people visiting. The more that you put into your I Heart Faces experience – the more you will get out of it!

4) Making friends. Deep, lasting friendships are already being formed here ~ all because we love the same hobby and want to be able to show off our photography attempts. Really, this is an amazing thing!

5) Learning. We have amazing contributors who are writing articles for our website for the sole reason that they love photography and they want to help others learn how to improve their photography. These people are so generous with their time and talent and you get to benefit from that. Take advantage of what they are offering and learn everything you can from them. Slowly, but surely, you will see your photography improve!

If you can’t get past the fact that you want to be a winner and you never have been, we understand if you choose not to participate any longer. We would hate to see you leave us, but we also understand if you decide that this just isn’t for you.

For those who do realize that I Heart Faces is mainly about having fun and being inspired…we feel that you are going to get more than you ever dreamed possible out of our site. You are going to win because you are going to become a better photographer! We welcome all of you to join in the fun with us, learn from each other and become better photographers in the meantime.

Relax and enjoy. This is a great thing to be a part of!

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