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January 1, 2007

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We do have some specific guidelines that we ask our participants to follow…

#1 – Enter the permalink to your blog post or photo entry (not to the home page of your blog, Flickr profile, Instagram account, or Facebook Page)

This is an absolute “must do” for us. If you enter the link to the home page of your blog (instead of your permalink), ten months from now when someone is looking for inspiration for a “Wonder” photo will never be able to find your original entry. This is why it is absolutely imperative for you to remember to enter your permalink.

#2 – Our Blog Button can be in your I Heart Faces post (this is now optional)

Our blog button is an immediate sign to anyone who comes to your blog that you have made an entry into our judged photo challenge and it provides the required backlink to I Heart Faces. This makes it a lot easier for Angie, Amy and the guest judge to know that your entry was a real one (we get a lot of spam and commercial entries that are automatically deleted.)  Adding our button to your entry is now optional though and your entry will be considered as a winner even if you do not have our button added.

#3 – We ask that you link back to our website

The linky system that we uses requires a backlink to I Heart Faces with your photo entry.  Just add this text (or something similar) to your blog post or under your photo entry:   I’m entering my photo into the photography challenge!

#4 – Only one photo can be in your post!

Please make sure that you have only one photo featured in your blog post or photo entry (ie. no collages or multiple photos, etc.)

#5 – You must link to a blog post, Flickr entry, Instagram photo, or Facebook Page photo that anyone can view (must be set to “public” rather than “private”.)

If you link to a blog or account that is private, we cannot see your photo!  

#6 – Your photo can only be entered one time on our website.

After you enter a photo on our website, it can never be entered again into a judged photo challenge (not even if you convert it to B&W, Sepia, or alter the photo somehow.) We want to continue to be inspired by new photos…not to see the same set of photos over and over again.

#7 – You have to have taken your photo entry yourself.

We think this is fairly obvious…if you want to win the judged photo contest, the photo has to have been taken by you! If your husband or wife took the photo, please indicate that and enter their name into the linky system so that they will be considered for being a winner.  You absolutely cannot enter any photos that were taken by a friend, any other loved one or a different professional photographer other than yourself.

#8 – Your photo has to have a human (and preferably a FACE) showing in it.

Our website is all about faces and most our themes revolve around that. Due to that (unless we state otherwise) a person has to be in your photo entry and we’d really love to see their face.  🙂

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