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January 1, 2007

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Thank you for taking a few minutes to read through this tutorial. It will (hopefully!) answer any questions you might have about how to upload your photos into our weekly photo challenges.

Please remember that each month there is only one judged photo challenge.  Each participant is allowed to enter only one family-friendly photo each time. It doesn’t matter to us when your photo was taken ~ just as long as YOU took it. Once you enter a photo into one of our contests, you should never use that photo for a judged challenge on our site again.

(This post uses Angie’s entry into the April 2011 “Wind” photo contest as our example.)

Here are some hints as to how your I Heart Faces post should look on your blog:

Step 1| Add the I Heart Faces Button, if you’d like to.

It is now optional to add our button to your photo entry.  Even if our button is not in your post, you can still win the challenge!  One benefit of using our button though is that it provides an immediate backlink to I Heart Faces (something that is required for the linky system that we use for photo entries.)

If you’d like to add our button, it can be found here (along with instructions on how to use it):  Grab A Button

How to Enter a Photo into the I Heart Faces Challenge

Step 2| Our linky system require a backlink to I Heart Faces to accept your entry link.   

What is a backlink?   A backlink just means that you need to link back to I Heart Faces ( somewhere in your entry post (this can just be the link or you can have text linked back to IHF.)

For this blog post, Angie linked to which takes viewers directly to that week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge post where she entered her image.

How to Enter I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

Step 3| You need to enter a permalink to the entry of your post (not to the main page of your blog.)

  • Incorrect entries will be deleted and you will need to reenter them correctly yourself before the contest closes.
  • If you only enter the link of your main blog (in this example that would be this will give you the incorrect link for our photo contest.

How to Enter I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

  • To get the correct url permalink, you will need to click on the title of your I Heart Faces blog post.

How To Enter I Heart Faces Photo Contest

  • By clicking on the title of your post, you will then have the direct link (or a permalink) to that specific post (instead of to the main page of your blog.) This is the link you should enter into our contest.

How to Enter I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

So, in this case, Angie had to use the url link ( for her entry. This is the link that takes participants directly to her I Heart Faces photo entry for the “Wind” photo contest in April 2011.

After you do this once or twice you will realize just how easy it is to join in the fun here at I Heart Faces!

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