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January 1, 2007

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Our policy is that once you enter a photo into our photo challenge, that’s the photo entry you are stuck with. 🙂

There are two reasons why we have this policy:

1) We start going through all of the I Heart Faces entries beginning early on Tuesday morning. All of the photos are saved for the Guest Judge with the number and name of the person who entered that photo (ie. 1-thearthurclan).

If someone decides to change their entry and wants us to delete their first entry, we are left with a nightmare situation because by deleting that entry it will change the number of every single entry in the linky system that week.

If that were to happen, all of the photos that we have carefully labeled and saved will then have incorrect numbers on them.

2) It takes an enormous amount of time for us to go through each and every entry. We barely have enough time in the day to go through the entries as things are…to have to go back to change entries, delete entries, etc. is just something that we are not interested in spending time doing.

So, before you enter your photo into our weekly photo challenge…make sure it’s the one you definitely want in there. If you’re not sure, give yourself a day to think about it. Our photo challenges don’t close down until Saturday evening (EST) so you should have plenty of time to enter your photo throughout the week.

Thank you,

Angie & Amy (co-founders of IHF)

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