Photographing Beautiful Catchlights in the Eyes - Photography Tutorial by Dana Suggs for

One of the most often asked questions that an accomplished photographer will hear is “How did you photograph that person’s eyes so beautifully?”

It is really quite simple for any photographer to accomplish and we love these tips that were shared for learning how to photograph eyes beautifully in just about any lighting situation you might find yourself in (including open shade, open sky, cloudy sky, windows, doors, and much more!)

Did you pick up any new tips to help you capture catchlights in your subject’s eyes?

I Heart Faces Creative Team Member - Dana Suggs PhotographyDana Suggs is a family photographer living just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dana has been a member of the I Heart Faces team for many years inspiring thousands of women and making them laugh with her humorous photography tutorials.  She is proud to be self-taught through hard work and determination and lots of late night hours pouring over tutorials online.   To view Dana’s most recent work, check out her blog or Facebook page or follow her on Instagram @the_suggs_life.


Small Newborn Studio that Is BIG on Storage Space

Tour a Small Newborn Studio that's BIG on Storage Space | Inspiring Photography Studio Series featured on

“Taking great pictures is not about having a big and expensive studio. It’s about using what you have, and make it your own.”  For this month’s Inspiring Studio tour, we chose Frida Nolin‘s in-home studio where she creatively maximized the wall surfaces to make her small newborn studio big on storage space.


10 Pretty Photography Packaging Ideas

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  Whether your clients are purchasing fine art prints or digital files, we know you want to present your products in a beautiful way.  Today we are sharing 10 pretty pretty packaging ideas for photographers.


5 Tips for Posing Couples Naturally

5 Tips for Posing Couples Naturally by Amandalynn Jones Photography for

Genuine connection captured in your subjects is what makes the difference between a couple’s portrait that looks natural and one that doesn’t. Whether you’re shooting an engagement session, wedding, or just mom and dad during a family event, here are some tips to guide your subjects to pose in ways that look and feel natural, and highlight the beauty of […]


Beautiful Photo of the Week

I Heart Faces Beautiful Photo of the Week - Honey Tree Photography featured on

I Heart Faces wouldn’t be possible without you, so each week we hope to make someone’s day by featuring one of YOUR photos in our “Beautiful Photo of the Week” column. Congrats to Honey Tree Photography for being chosen as our Beautiful Photo of the Week! –> Be sure to visit Honey Tree Photography’s website or Facebook […]


Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Bright, Clean Edit

How to Create a Bright, Clean Edit for Your Photos | Photoshop Tutorial via

Are you just beginning to learn how to use Photoshop?  Or, do you use Photoshop but aren’t sure what all the tools and options are there for and still want to learn more?   We have so many Photoshop Tutorials here on I Heart Faces, but wanted to shared one of our favorites today. This […]